Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th April 2024 Written Episode Update

Ruhi asks for scissors at the beginning of the episode. She’s corrected by Armaan. Vidya leaves. Ruhi apologizes and adds, “I want to be the cause of your healing, not your suffering.

Coming over, Abhira grabs the knotted wire. After figuring things out, she exclaims, “Mumma taught me this.”

You arrive at the visa office tomorrow, Sanjay says. After giving Krish the documents, he leaves. Krish greets Armaan and Abhira at the vehicle.

He apologizes. Says Armaan, I should apologize. Krish adds, “I have a selection performance tomorrow, and my dad called me at the visa office.”

Armaan remarks, “Wow, when did you start finding peaceful solutions to problems?” because I gave you a reprimand, she adds.

Krish expresses gratitude to them. Abhira chuckles. Krish leaves. On her height, Armaan makes jokes. They dispute.

To ruin his hair, she dashes off. He is afraid of her. He cradles her. She gives him gratitude.

He queries why. For standing by me in front of your family, she says. I simply tried, he says. It’s enough, she says.

It’s morning, and Abhira remembers what Sanjay said. Send someone to fetch the supplies for Ram Navami, says Vidya. Manisha responds, “Thanks for reminding; I forgot.” They leave.