Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th May 2024 Written Episode Update
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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10th May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abhi and Akshu argue at the beginning of the episode. She claims you have no regard for the feelings of others. He claims, “It’s about my son. I will fight for his custody if I do nothing and someone says I didn’t want my son.” You will see that a mother has the capacity to conquer the whole world, she claims. He responds, “You will face me now; you trust your Kanha ji.”

A father has the power to rock the whole universe. You trust your Mahadev, he says. They tell you to leave and see you in court. Jaaniye performs… Manish adds, “I’ll call Abhi; Akshu’s phone is off.” Akshu arrives and tells her it’s useless. What was said by Manjiri, Kairav wonders. Akshu claims Abhi told her, “See you in court,” but the subject never reached her.

I knew that Kairav would do this, he says. What should I say? Manish claims that she has been hiding this for six years. He chastises Akshu. He pleads, “Don’t give Akshu a clean chit; it’s her mistake, and I’m concerned about Abhir.” Kairav agrees, saying that we would fight if he wants to.

Surekha responds, “No, you know that when he gets mad, Abhi will do anything.” Akshu is concerned. Abhi notices the protective order. It’s not the only order in your life, explains Aarohi. Saying, “I mean Ruhi and I can’t come to you since Abhir came in your life, Abhir is your everything,”

she pauses at the door. Aarohi and Abhi quarrel. You may end this marriage and relationship; it won’t matter, she says, but I’m worried about Ruhi; it’s not right to force her to change, and I won’t allow her to suffer. Akshu claims that because Abhi disregarded my advice and continued the attorneys’ session yesterday, our only option is to go to war.

Manish says you should determine what to do now since your deception didn’t left any room for us. She adds, “I know this fight is tough but we can’t lose. Once a decision is made and we win, I won’t be scared to lose our child.” Abhi has chosen to defend the case,

she continues, “but we have to take that order back,” hire competent attorneys, and be ready. If we lose, Abhinav queries. She claims there’s no way we can lose. In court, Surekha claims, we lose our bravery. Akshu declares that he would not respond to their inquiries, that he will fight for his son’s rights even if he breaks down.

Abhi organizes the paperwork. Ruhi arrives and says, “You arrived on time, and my teacher always gives me praise.” Ignore any negative comments from the teacher, she adds. He queries why. Aarohi arrives and says, “I’ll accompany you to the PTA.” Ruhi replies,

“Poppy always comes with me; the teacher doesn’t know you.” It seems like Aarohi has something more imp than you do. Ruhi begs Abhi to take her, please. You’ll accompany me, you promised, she says. I have to accompany you, according to Abhi, therefore that can’t happen. Handle the meeting with the attorneys; I’m heading to PTA, he adds, handing Manjiri the paperwork. Alright, I’ll see it, she says.

Akshu and Abhinav are fed curd and sugar by Dadi. It’s your greatest test, she advises, so keep your bravery up. When Abhir arrives, he asks which exam you’re taking. You know I passed a legal test, adds Akshu. Yes, Abhir says, dad was incarcerated. I have a harder test today, she adds. I’ll pray for you, he offers. She adds, “Pray for me to win.”

He gives her a kiss. He says, “I will pray that you both pass the exam,” after seeing Abhi’s name on the paper. “Doc man is also giving the test.” Surekha raises her head. Neela queries Muskaan, “Are you keeping something about Akshu and Abhinav hidden?”

Kairav answers the phone and says, “You can call me anytime. Everyone is busy because Abhir’s surgery is coming to an end. Suwarna called Muskaan.” Neela tells him that if he makes a white pearl ring and wears it on his left pinky finger, his wrath would subside.
He claims Muskaan wasn’t the proper fit for that in

dividual. She advises drinking khas juice to settle your thoughts and not wearing the ring if that’s what you like. Muskaan laughs and grinned. He responds, “Don’t worry, I’ll find a good alliance for Muskaan. I’ll do it.” Stay joyful, Neela advises. He continues, “I swear, every two days, you will receive updates from this location.” He hands Muskaan the phone. Manish gives him a call.

As Muskaan puts it, best wishes. Kairav leaves. When Akshu enters the attorneys’ office, Manjiri and Anand are there. Manish, Kairav, Abhinav, and Akshu take a seat. The attorneys arrive squabbling. Apologies, the man/Akshu’s attorney says; we spoke about the matter when we met in the elevator. We’ll get started, said the woman/Abhi’s attorney.

The attorneys debate the case. The woman continues, “We find it unbelievable that the child’s mother is able to raise him; she has entrusted the child’s care to a stranger who is also an orphan.” Abhinav feels sadness.

Summary: The woman claims Akshu produces jam to generate money; she doesn’t have a job. Abhinav adds, “I’m renting a car, so I’ll be driving the cab on the roads of Udaipur now.” Abhir compliments Abhi’s home. Akshu is seen by Abhinav.

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