Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th May 2024 Written Episode Update
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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

The beginning of the episode has Abhi texting Manjiri. She places the phone there and gives him a call. The woman says we need to find out whether Abhinav can provide the kid with wealth and a comfortable life.

According to Akshu’s attorney, he is a volatile man who will raise his child well even if he is raised by both parents alone. The woman claims he is the biological father and advises Abhinav to settle out of court or face losing his respect and having to provide a lot of proof. We have all the answers, the guy claims.

The woman claims that Abhinav is living hand to mouth, that Akshara gets money by making jams, that he is unemployed, that they have no other means of support, and that they are receiving free surgery for Abhir at Abhi’s hospital. What nonsense, says Kairav, Abhir is a Goenka, and he won’t accept anything less.

She agrees, telling the judge that while the child’s Naniyaal has everything, his parents don’t have any money saved or a source of income. As Kairav advises, know your boundaries. She claims that this will go to court and that Abhi will be granted child custody.

Manjiri notices Abhinav and Akshu. When Abhi hears everything, she sobs. The woman thinks your client needs to have considered why they had hidden the kid up to this point. Abhinav produces a cough. Are you okay, Akshu inquires.

She heads to the water. The woman responds, “We’ll wrap things up here and schedule another meeting.” In the hallway, Akshu runs into Abhi. She chastises him. She adds, “I didn’t know you would fall so low. You showed our poverty and made fun of Abhinav’s self-esteem.”

She leaves. Why did you attack Abhinav’s financial situation, says Abhi? Anand challenges him, saying he may retreat if he so chooses. You believe we handled them incorrectly, Manjiri asks, but what did they do to you? “I want my son, not their insult,” he declares. She says, “Consider your son.”

Are you thinking the same thing, Akshu asks Ahinav when they get home. He says, “It’s true that I don’t make enough money, I don’t have a good job, and I only get paid when tourists come.”

“I feel like I can do anything for him, I’m the best father in the world,” but in reality, I’m just a helpless father with no talent, degree, or money. I love him and would give my life for him.” She claims that one may acquire knowledge, a degree, and money.

She describes Akshara’s life to him. Kairav and I traveled to Mauritius; we had a gift shop there; everyone has problems; some people have money, but not everyone’s happiness and peace of mind; we have it; we just need to trust ourselves;

I miss our home, my kitchen, our photo frames, everything; I was a princess here, but I feel like a queen; we will raise our son and bring him home; the court will expose all of our flaws and shortcomings; after all, Abhir is our miracle child, so we are miracle parents; you didn’t have parents; you learned to survive; you taught me to walk; I knew nothing; I never handled a kitchen or made money, but I did it with you.

He puts his head on her shoulder and adds, “You’re right; we’ve moved on and have our life.” He also seems very happy of them. We need money, but we have a lot with us, therefore we don’t need money if it were the only thing that made people happy, she claims.

I want your help in this protracted battle. He adds, “Thanks for always being there for me.” “I knew it, I have to deal with two kids, not just one,” she explains. They chuckle. She promises that I will attend. When she gets outside, she checks her account balance.

According to Kairav, he believes that the director of hospitality should be replaced, among other modifications. Finding a true and diligent substitute for him would be difficult, according to Manish. Dadi adds, “You have Abhinav in front of you; he possesses all the qualities.”

Yes, Suwarna responds, we’ll ask him once. Yes, says Manish. You guys are very lovely, Abhinav says. I appreciate that you didn’t push this on me and that you kept it in front of me with love. I’m sorry I can’t accept your assistance; I want to complete everything on my own since this is my son’s exam, and I can’t cheat. Manish is stopped by Akshu.

Abhinav claims, “I know the work that I can do, but I’m getting this job because I’m your son-in-law. You know I’m not suitable for it.” Dadi apologizes if we offended you; we don’t want to lower your self-esteem. He responds, “No, you care about me and you love me; just bless me to do as I please.”

We are proud of you, she says. Surekha agrees that self-respect is admirable, but for Abhir’s sake, accept Goenkas’ offer to join the firm as MD. You may even work as a driver; it won’t bother us. Abhinav claims, “I did everything on my own, I don’t have my dad and grandfather, they didn’t leave anything for me, and if I change, I will break.”

Manish remarks, “I feel you are made of only self-respect. We are blessed to have you in our lives at a time when people have no value of self-respect in front of money.” Best wishes, Kairav says; I’m sure you can handle things on your own. After returning home, Abhi observes.

Summary: Abhinav claims that he took the taxi for rent. Nishta requests that Abhi tip the taxi driver. Abhi goes to make a donation. For one rupee, Abhinav requests the shagun. All of your desires, with the exception of the one about Abhir, come true, says Abhi.

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