Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th May 2024 Written Episode Update
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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th May 2024 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abhi returns home at the beginning of the episode. Why did you come here, says Akshu? He continues, “If you and Abhinav allow it, I want to take my son home with me.”

Akshu yells at Abhir. Abhir arrives and looks at Abhi. Saying “doc man,” he takes off. He is stopped by Akshu. You must take your doctor guy home, she adds. But you don’t like it, he says. You like it, all right? Come on, change, and go. He leaves. Sorry, Sharma ji.

Our lawyer shouldn’t have brought up your financial situation, adds Abhi. It’s alright, Abhinav replies; Akshu and I have weathered severe storms. Remembering Kairav’s remarks, Abhi bids him farewell. Abhir bids you farewell.

Manish says that Abhir has been despatched. Although Abhi believes that biological connections are stronger than upbringing, Akshu asserts that he has learned from his errors and that in the end, our upbringing will prevail. Abhir is fed the halwa by Manjiri.

Aarohi observes. Abhir said it’s rather delicious. She adds, “It’s okay, nobody will bother you because Ruhi is at the school.” He adds, “I want both of my siblings to be together; she doesn’t disturb me.” What will happen later? She believes that Abhir returned home.

Abhir is shown to his room by Abhi. Raising Abhir, he adds, “You should make your entry special, just like Ruhi did, because you are special to me.” The room appeals to Abhir. He claims that you spared me from meeting our Shiv ji. Abhi invites him to attend.

They offer prayers to Mahadev. I can’t believe Abhir has come here, Manjiri remarks. Shefali grinned. Anjali notices Aarohi. Aarohi leaves.

Abhir remarks, “Wow, this punching bag looks real.” He and Abhir play together. Abhir clears his throat. Abhi is concerned. I’m OK, says Abhir. I’m constantly with you, says Abhi. Ruhi observes. See who came to greet you, Abhi says, and hurry up. I don’t want to come, Ruhi replies, since you are my dad.

What are you doing here? Yes, why are you furious with Abhir? Will you be his first best buddy in Udaipur, asks Abhi? No, Ruhi responds, you are awful. She leaves. Don’t worry, Abhi replies; she’ll become your buddy in two days. On a call, Aarohi speaks with Surekha.

Says Abhi forgot about Ruhi. She gets an embrace from Abhir. He adds, “Please talk to Ruhi. I don’t want to make her sad. I’m not snatching her dad. I’m just sharing.” When Aarohi meets Manjiri, she says, “I’ll speak with Rihi.” Really, Maasi, I adore you, he asks. He gives her a hug. Manjiri grinned.

How can I prepare the jam favors by myself, asks Akshu? Muskaan promises to assist you. No, Akshu replies, concentrate on your work. Dadi and Suwarna arrive and offer their assistance in starting a jam company in Udaipur. Thank you, Akshu says.

I feel fortunate that you have already done so much for me. Says Suwarna, “Stop these tearful conversations.” I instructed Abhi to fetch Abhir before six o’clock, Akshu believes. Abhir arrives. She believes that Abhi dumped Abhir promptly.

She leaves. According to Abhir, Abhi dropped him off on time, but he never came inside. It’s alright, come on, she says. Abhinav grinned. She queries what transpired. He displays the keys and automobile. He replies, “I’ll drive this in Udaipur; I took it on rent.” It’s not necessary, she claims. He adds, “I can teach Abhir to live with respect; it’s necessary.”

You can teach him anything, she adds. We’re together, he says. She explains, “I decided to relaunch my jam company.” No, you won’t do that task again, he replies. But, she argues, we must… He hands her a document. Law test form, she says.

He claims that because of me, you were unable to administer the exam. It is now necessary for you to finish this task; we depend on you to be determined. If you succeed, you will be able to fulfill all of your dreams and become Abhir’s mother and lawyer, fighting for his rights and those of others.

She adds, “I appreciate you being my life partner.” Abhir says, “Vroom, I’m going.” They grinned. I want to go Kasaulli now, she says. Says Abhir, this automobile is superior than the last one.

There will be more automobiles, says Abhinav. Abhir remarks that the doctor’s mansion is incredible; it’s enormous, he drives a lot of automobiles, and there’s even a little waterfall. Abhi notices the butterfly and boxing gloves. He sobs. “Am I selfish? Am I doing something wrong?” he wonders.

Akshu claims that Abhinav will always hold the secret to happiness, and that Abhi is simply superior in terms of financial security. She goes to see Abhinav figure out how much Abhir will need to pay for school. Manish says Abhinav has courageously exposed himself.

Suwarna thinks Akshu is fortunate to have him; he declined the position because he prefers to work independently. Kairav queries, “But why?” The court won’t credit him for his sincerity; he must demonstrate his ability.

Dadi claims he can do anything and has shown his independence. Abhinav adds that there will be medical costs and that he would want a bike as well. The total will be 60 lakhs, and I have to take a bike. How will I pay for this? Akshu is concerned.

Summary: Abhinav claims that he took the taxi for rent. Nishta requests that Abhi tip the taxi driver. Abhi goes to make a donation. For one rupee, Abhinav requests the shagun. “Abhir is the most precious one,” adds Abhinav. “How will I leave my son if I haven’t left the shagun?”

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