Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th May 2024 Written Episode Update
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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th May 2024 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode opens with Surekha asking Abhinav to buy Abhir a bike or take him on a global trip. Abhinav responds that he can’t support Abhir’s education or medical care, but Abhi can. Manish argues that money isn’t everything and that love and morals are more important, but this won’t matter in court.

Sorry, Abhinav can’t grow up to be as capable as Abhi. Muskaan is seen from behind. When Akshu hears Abhinav, she sobs. Since Neela and I used to live in the same area, Abhinav made relationships with us. Now, he has a Dadi, sister, wife, and kid, and he is very wealthy.

Muskaan claims that Abhinav is the most talented and wealthy person in the world. He had no one with him. Akshu approaches Abhinav. He pleads, “Why can’t I earn? I’m a good father; I’ll earn money for my Abhir.”

Someone can melt a stone, therefore I have to do this. Grinning, Akshu leaves the keys in that spot. She leaves. Idea seems nice, says Abhi. Manjiri promises to speak with an architect so that Abhir’s room may be built next to yours. Abhi remembers what Abhinav and Akshu said.

He adds, “I was thinking we’ll wait if the case goes to court and we won’t do this now.” We will win this lawsuit no matter what, she continues, and my grandson will remain here. Abhir is your son, not a visitor, so please keep you in mind.

Will Abhi be staying at our place, Ruhi asks. Abhi notices Aarohi and Ruhi. Calling Mathur, Akshu has her doubts answered. You’re in the correct frame of mind, he adds. Yes, Akshu admits, she sometimes has panic and anxiety episodes.

She tells you, “I’m ready for a psychic evaluation, but Birlas can use this against us.” Everyone is afraid to talk about mental health difficulties, he continues, but because you’ve informed me about this, you shouldn’t worry—we’ll be ready.

Seeing Abhinav staring at her, she says good morning. He recalls, “I remember watching you study every day; you were engrossed in books, and I was engrossed in you.” You like to watch me study, she adds. When will we return to Kasauli? he asks, “You look good even when you scold.” “Small house, small life, it was ours.”

She says Kasauli can come here, but we can’t go there. Ruhi queries why Abhir, who has two properties, would remain here and why you called him. Your brother will remain with you, replies Abhi. She challenges. Downstairs, Akshu and Muskaan bring Abhir and Abhinav. Abhir and Abhinav mention that we smell like Kasauli. Akshu introduces them to Neela.

Abhinav gives Neela a hug. Surekha believes that everyone is intending to remain. This is your residence, says Abhi. After berating Ruhi, Aarohi grabs her. Abhi is concerned. Neela receives a present from Manish. He claims that if we had known you were coming, we could have prepared a nice welcome. Neela expresses gratitude and tears. She is asked to sit beside Dadi. Suwarna gives Neela’s feet a wash.

You are our Samdhan, she continues; you have imbued Muskaan and Abhir with ideals, and you will always have a particular place in our hearts. Neela sobs. Manish said that Bahu sings a song to greet her Saas. Although I haven’t heard Akshu sing, Neela claims that she does.

Manish requests that Akshu sing. Akshu sings “Life Is Beautiful” while strumming a guitar. Neela grinned. Everyone gives a clap. Neela has hit me across the eyes, but Kairav believes she looks adorable. Muskaan promises to spank her hands again this time.

Look at how she’s staring at her, he says. She jokes and laughs. He adds, “I have to talk to her about the alliance; I’m not scared of her.”

Neela comments, “I’ve never heard someone sing so well.” Mom used to sing just for Dad, according to Abhir. Shut up, says Akshu. They grinned. Neela gives them the items and remarks, “I have these Himachal things; what more can I give you all?” Surekha responds, “Thank you, but we don’t use shawls and caps here.”

Taku makes fun of Surekha. Manish tells Neela to come see the room. Saying, “You have come, I needed you a lot,” Abhinav collapses into Neela’s lap. I should have arrived earlier, she says; I arrived when Akshu phoned. A message is delivered to him.

I have to go; I got the first reservation, he says. She gives him her blessing. He searches for the key. We are always with you, Akshu adds, and this is the secret to happiness. How did you enjoy the key ring? When I watch this, Abhinav says it’s the finest and I won’t stop.

Kudos to Akshu and everyone. Driving to Birla’s residence is Abhinav. Sorry, Nishta replies, my phone went off, and I don’t have cash. She leaves. When she lifts the veil, Abhinav sees her face. He adds, “It’s Nishta, and I can’t rob her of money.”

He notices the key fob. My phone turned off, do you have cash? I need to pay the taxi driver 500 rupees, said Nishta. Abhinav receives Abhi. He contributes the funds. He is asked to give his kid one rupee as a gift from Abhinav. He is asked to take it by Abhi.

I’ll accept that with respect, replies Abhinav. Abhi adds, “I will pray that you grow into a big man and that all your wishes come true, with the exception of one: that your wish to have my son be away from me be granted.” Abhi adds, “Don’t keep the ordinary and don’t leave the precious thing.” I know how to perform simple math. He just retains the coin and returns the money.

Abhir promises to wear his new sneakers. Akshu chastises Abhi for giving Abhir pricey shoes. Ruhi doesn’t enjoy you spending time with her grandmother, according to Aarohi. Abhir adds, “Please drop me home; I have to go home right now.” Abhi is concerned.

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