Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th May 2024 Written Episode Update
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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th May 2024 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manjiri says, “I have made laddoos for you; have it,” at the beginning of the episode. Abhir is asked to sit with her. Abhir gives Aarohi a hug. Are you okay now, she asks. Yes, he responds. This pink area is for me, and this blue space is for me, it’s enough, I won’t ever pluck her poppies, he writes in a message to Ruhi.

She claims that Ruhi is OK and that she isn’t speaking to you because she dislikes seeing you with Abhi. When Manjiri arrives, she feeds him laddoo. I don’t want Ruhi to dislike me, Abhir thinks. As Akshu sees Abhi, she chastises him. She queries why you purchased pricey shoes for Abhir, implying that Abhinav is unable to afford them. He claims that I did it out of love for him. She challenges.

We are dealing with the same kid, so she adds, “I’m proud of Abhir, I don’t want his habits to change, I didn’t come to scold you, just discuss when you have to gift him anything, because Abhir will suffer.” Okay, I see. I apologize. She adds, “I appreciate your understanding.”

He apologizes, but we may choose the present jointly. Your hate and love are limitless, she says. Kairav claims, I misplaced my file. Muskaan arrives and says, “You mentioned that you forgot the file at home. I got it and called you.”

Thank you very much for this file, he says. Kairav is greeted by a guy who wishes him well on his new endeavor. Along with greeting Kairav, the girls enquire about Muskaan. Muskaan is presented by Kairav. When the girls saw her salwar attire, they remark, “You must be from a village,” correctly.

He says, “A woman can wear anything she wants, no one has the right to judge her.” He adds, “Just because you both wore formal suits, doesn’t mean she is from a village, she is from Kasauli. You judged her from her clothes, she didn’t judge you, she has more sense.” He answers a phone call.

Ruhi, Abhir, and Abhi play together. Where is your boat, Ruhi is asked by Abhir. Manjiri requests some fruit for them. Ruhi says the butterfly is depressed and not flying. Abhir becomes depressed. Eat the fruits while playing, advises Manjiri. Aarohi observes.

Abhir says we’ll take a picture. No, Ruhi replies; my hair doesn’t look nice. Abhir thinks you look great with your hair and are quite cute. No, she responds. Says Abhir, I have to return home. Bye, she says. Why so soon, asks Abhi.

Go later, Manjiri commands. Abhir advises to just let go of me. For Muskaan, the females tamper with the orange juice. Muskaan sips from the fruit. Manjiri queries Abhir’s desire to go, wondering whether Akshu gave him this knowledge.

No, Abhi responds, being fair. Neela leaves an audio message for Muskaan. Muskaan receives another drink from the gals. Muskaan experiences vertigo. The girls feel it’s time for Kairav to deal with her. When Kairav arrives, he grabs Muskaan.

Are you okay, he inquires. Yes, I must tell you something important, she replies. Not now, he replies; let’s discuss when we get home. He gives the females a glance. She says, “You’re mad at me, I” She passes out. Abhinav returns home. Everyone becomes anxious.

Abhinav hands over the cash and explains that Abhir’s new shoes would be included. He believes that because of my hard work, I asked my employer for an increase. She believes this guy only knows how to show love, and she wonders how she can repay him for his kindness.

He is fed the juice by Manish. Surekha claims, “He’s acting dramatic; I told him to take money from the family.” You won’t work this way, Akshu claims; you’ll become sick. Manish agrees: put in a lot of effort at work, but take care of yourself. Carrying Muskaan in his arms, Kairav carries her home intoxicated. Everyone observes.

Says Abhir, I have to return home. Manjiri inquires, “Are you okay? Don’t you like it here?” Ruhi feels irritated when Abhir claims he likes it, but Aarohi corrects him. What did Aarohi tell you, asks Manjiri? He claims that she expressed her anger by saying, “I won’t meet Abhi then Ruhi will play with me.”

Ruhi doesn’t want to share Doc Man with anybody. Don’t worry, she says; she’s your sister. Abhir is invited by Abhi. Abhir walks away without holding his hand. Abhi follows him as well. Manjiri looks at Aarohi with rage.

Synopsis: Akshu inquires, “Do you have time to talk to me?” “I’m trying to earn money for my son,” adds Abhinav. You’re trying to catch up to Abhi, she says. She does an aarti. She converses with the attorney. I don’t want to make any personal attacks, adds Abhi.

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