Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th April 2024 Written Episode Update
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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th April 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

Madhav invites Armaan in to have a conversation at the beginning of the episode. Abhira already ruined our esteem, according to Armaan. Abhira questions my actions. “Why did you take the land papers out of my drawer and give them to your boss?” he tells.

When did I do this, she asks? He gives her a clap. He chastises her. He tells her, “Shut up now. I don’t want to hear you or see your face. You have betrayed your mom and us.” She sobs. He walks off furious. Kaveri ji, according to Surekha, appears on every news station. Manish adds, I was thinking this matter will be over shortly. He had arguments with Surekha and Suwarna over Abhira.

“I trust Abhira; we’re forming an opinion without fully understanding the situation,” he adds. Suwarna claims that since the girl entered the home, issues have arisen. It’s my fault, says Armaan, for leaving the key here. No, Ruhi responds, Abhira made a mistake.

I always stood by her, he claims, and she betrayed me. How the files were leaked and the case are Armaan’s worries, according to Abhira. According to Ruhi, she is unique, our family is essential to us, and she is focused on her work. According to Abhira, Dev Sir said he just found the documents in his cabin and doesn’t know who stored them.

Armaan claims she feels compelled to leave after a year, but my family accepted her, so why should she care? He falters. Abhira arrives and lifts him up. He walks off. Abhira and Ruhi quarrel. You are wrong, you will listen, and you should be grateful to them for giving you a space here; all you are doing is making them weep, Ruhi adds. Abhira sobs. Kaveri considers what everyone has to say.

I begged Maasa to give me this case, but she trusted Armaan since he’s busy and follows Abhira’s instructions, according to Sanjay. I have faith in him, she adds; he won’t allow Maasa go to prison. Madhav admits, “I’m worried for both of them. I can’t see my son tolerating every danger coming on the family; he will burn to protect Maasa.” He isn’t held by Vidya.

Manoj adds, “I feel helpless; tomorrow, Maasa can go to jail; the whole family will fall apart.” Be upbeat, Manisha advises; she won’t disappear. Kids and Charu converse as well. Vidya pours Dadi a glass of milk. She adds, “You can share anything with me; I know you’re very worried.” She is held by Dadi. She adds, “We’ll talk once the case is over,” to Abhira.

Sachin speaks with Armaan. We’ll win this lawsuit, he says. Ruhi watches Abhira go away. Looking for Abhira is Armaan. Ruhi considers phoning Abhira. Did you see Abhira, he says as he approaches. Ruhi replies, “Go stop her; she just went outside.” Armaan calls for Abhira as he leaves. He remembers what he said. He gives her a call. I have no idea where she went, he says.

He drives off. He is stopped by Sanjay. Did she catch Maasa and flee, he wonders. No, Armaan replies. How can she flee? Sanjay apologizes for thinking that way. I don’t believe she’s ran away, Armaan says. She may have gone to steal again, according to Sanjay.

Armaan replies, “You ask her, and I’ll go get her.” Sanjay replies, “You have a responsibility to prepare for the case, think about Maasa, and she could end up in jail tomorrow because of her.” You are incorrect, Armana; Abhira left the home at two in the morning.

It is the responsibility of a husband to bring his wife back safely. I’m prepared for Dadi’s sake; I’ll tell you the outcome and anybody who challenges me in court will be defeated. He walks off. Ruhi observes. According to Sanjay, Armana will arrive in Abhira’s words.

When Armaan arrives at work, he yells at Abhira. The guard claims she’s not here. Armaan queries her whereabouts. Guard responds, “I’m not sure.” She gets a call from Armaan. He views Akshu’s photo. He understands Abhira’s message. Enjoy the special times you have with Dadisa. She’s implying that Dadisa will go to prison, he says. Where are you?

I can’t believe Abhira left, says Kajal. According to Sanjay, she seized the documents and presented them to her employer before fleeing. Charu believes that it was me that disturbed them. She remembers helping Dev by leaving the documents in his cabin. She believes that since I didn’t know they would pursue Abhira, I was assisting Dev. I can’t forgive her, Manisha says. It’s excellent that she left the home, according to Vidya. Armaan is standing at the door.

Summary: Dadi chastises Abhira. She adds, “You keep your responsibilities, and you have to leave the house.” She won’t remain in this house. If you wish to remain happy with the family, Ruhi advises you to leave Abhira. Abhira observes.

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