Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th April 2024 Written Episode Update
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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai’s episode from today had fans captivated as a shocking development in the characters’ complex connections occurred. A shocking discovery threatened to sever Armaan and Abhira’s relationship just when it seemed that they were becoming closer. When a significant individual named Ruhi shows up, their connection is altered and tension is raised.

Uncertainty surrounds Ruhi’s entrance in the serene town of Mussoorie, where love is felt everywhere. Her revelation can sever Armaan and Abhira’s bond. People started to wonder: Will this news lead to unhappiness or a new chapter in their life as secrets loomed and emotions became stronger?

Abhira sobs because she misses Akshara. Armaan approaches her. Ruhi is eager to meet Abhira and Armaan. Armaan gives Abhira comfort. He is asked to cease speaking in legalese by Abhira. She proposes that they just gaze at the stars. They get a brief opportunity to discuss their ideas on the stars. Ruhi discovers the door is jammed, trapping her within the space.

Her only goal is to get into problems with Abhira and Armaan. Armaan recalls Ruhi’s admonition. Although Abhira is sleeping, he informs her about it. Arriving later, Ruhi chastises Armaan for keeping Abhira in the dark about the divorce. She should calm down, he says. Abhira refuses to wake up even when Ruhi yells and challenges him. Armaan accuses Ruhi of being self-centered and indifferent to his sentiments. He refuses to do as she says. He clarifies that just because Ruhi doubts his sentiments, doesn’t mean he can harm Abhira. Ruhi discusses the things she gave up.

Kaveri’s worries:

She claims she gave up her happiness and love for him. She reminds him that since he pledged to remain faithful to her, she married Rohit and approved of his and Abhira’s marriage. She claims that he broke her heart. He claims not to keep account of his sacrifices. For not being honest, she labels him as cowardly and self-centered. She is not happy with him.

When Kaveri receives a call from an unknown number, she joins the kids in video games. The son of Saxena threatens her, saying he is going to see Armaan and the two Poddar Bahus in Mussoorie. If she wants to ensure their safety, he advises her to give in to his demands. Kaveri becomes anxious.

Abhira breaks down in tears, missing Akshara. Armaan comes over to her. Ruhi can’t wait to meet Armaan and Abhira. Armaan comforts Abhira. Abhira asks him to stop talking in legalese. She suggests that they just look up at the stars. They have a little time to talk about their beliefs on the stars. Ruhi finds herself stuck in the room because the door is blocked.

Her only intention is to cause trouble for Armaan and Abhira. Armaan remembers Ruhi’s warning. He tells Abhira about it even though she’s asleep. Ruhi arrives later and scolds Armaan for not telling Abhira about the divorce. He tells her to calm down. Even in response to Ruhi’s cries and challenges, Abhira still won’t wake up. Ruhi is accused by Armaan of being conceited and unresponsive to his feelings. He won’t follow her instructions. He makes it clear that Ruhi’s skepticism of his feelings does not give him the right to hurt Abhira. Ruhi talks about the things she had to give up.

Kaveri’s concerns:

She says she abandoned her love for him and her happiness. She reminds him that she married Rohit and approved of his and Abhira’s marriage because he promised to be true to her. He crushed her heart, she says. He says he doesn’t record his sacrifices.

She calls him cowardly and self-centered for not being honest. She does not think well of him. Kaveri plays video games with the kids after getting a call from an unknown number. Saxena’s son intimidates her by claiming he is seeing Armaan and the two Poddar Bahus in Mussoorie. He tells her to comply with his requests if she wants to make sure they are safe. Kaveri starts to worry.

Today’s Episode Update (Summary)

  • Abhira misses Akshara and feels better when Armaan comforts her.
  • They look at stars and talk about what they see.
  • Ruhi tries to cause trouble for Armaan and Abhira but ends up stuck in a room.
  • Armaan tells Abhira about Ruhi’s threat, but she’s sleeping.
  • Ruhi comes late and asks Armaan why he didn’t tell Abhira about the divorce.
  • Armaan and Ruhi argue about giving up things and staying loyal.
  • Kaveri gets a scary call from Saxena’s son, worrying about her family’s safety.
  • Armaan tries to reassure Ruhi about their relationship, not knowing she’s listening.
  • Abhira wakes up next to Armaan, falling for him but keeping it a secret.
  • Armaan notices Abhira blushing and thinks about talking about divorce.
  • Kaveri’s health gets worse because of high blood pressure, but she hides it from her family.
  • Abhira finds out about Ruhi’s secret lover when she accidentally answers a call meant for Ruhi.
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