Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th April 2024 Written Episode Update
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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th April 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ruhi says at the beginning of the episode that filing for divorce is the answer to your issues. Armaan claims that he is unable to divorce Abhira because he made a vow to her that he would take on her responsibilities for a year and that he cannot breach.

She continues, “You have no idea how much I love you, but you can break my heart, okay? I’m ready to see you and Abhira together for three months, after which you keep the promise you made to me and talk to Dadisa about us.” Manisha feels disoriented.

Vidya says Madhav would not spare the thugs, so don’t worry about the kids. You are blushing because you adore Madhav, Manisha says. Since this is Abhira and Armaan’s first Gangaur, Vidya advises that they separate. Did you go insane, Armaan wonders.

Yes, Ruhi responds, “I have expectations from you.” You may speak with Dadi when you and Abhira’s marriage ends. She challenges him.

Please, she begs, stand up for our love. Alright, he says, I’ll speak with Dadisa. Really, she says, promise me. Abhira appears. I swear, Armaan adds, I’ll speak with Dadisa in three months. She inquires as to what. Ruhi adds, “You have no right to ask about my love life.”

The same to you, replies Abhira. Ruhi leaves. Abhira embraces Armaan and apologizes, saying, “You both have to remember this, she is Rohit’s wife. I got angry on you, even though you weren’t at fault.” She also expresses dislike for Ruhi’s intervention. He adds, “I have hired a contractor and spoke with Kipling; it’s not safe to stay here,” and that “we are leaving for Udaipur tomorrow morning.”

Armaan calls them in the morning. Abhira and Ruhi get to see one other. They decide not to allow one another stand in the way of Armaan and them. Saying, “You got late, sit in the backseat now,” Ruhi takes the front seat. She invites Armaan to attend. Abhira drives while seated. Armaan is asked to take a seat in the rear. Armaan takes a seat. Ruhi notices him. Mirror turned by Abhira. They walk away.

At the door, Vidya and the others see them. Vidya rushes to embrace Ruhi and Abhira. Abhira thinks we’re all right. Ruhi, did you speak with Manish, asks Madhav. Yes, Ruhi responds, I did tell him we were well. Vidya gives Armaan a hug. You are my ideal son, she adds. Tell me how you managed to rescue them. Will you discuss here, Armaan asks? We should go inside and chat. Aarti plate given to Manisha. Vidya performs the havan.

Armaan is hugged by everybody. Madhav spots Armaan. Blessings to Abhira and Ruhi. Armaan queries Dadi. As per Vidya, she visited a temple. Krish queries how you managed to rescue both Bhabhis. Armaan claims that after an explosion, a kind individual who wished to remain anonymous saved Abhira’s life. The guy is blessed by Vidya. Armaan declares, “I have to track down those individuals and find out why they targeted Ruhi and Abhira. If I do, I’ll punish them.”

Do you want to sign these divorce documents, Abhira asks? Armaan promises to create new documents whenever he wants. He rips the documents. Thank God, he adds, you’re safe. He leaves. She joyfully leaps. Adha Ishq..plays..

Vidya gives Dadi a call. Armaan queries, “What happened? Dadi went to the temple?” She answers, “No, I made an excuse,” adding that she departed a long time ago, and that “I don’t know what happened to her.” Her conduct has altered. Perhaps she is furious because I abandoned the case, Armaan speculates. She responds, “No, I have some involvement in the Mussoorie incident.”

Madhav arrives and chastises her. Abhira and Ruhi quarrel in the kitchen. Everyone comes up to see. I believe something occurred in Mussoorie, Manisha says. She is asked to cease chatting by Vidya. Abhira fetches Vidya some tea. I wanted to speak to Armaan and you, Vidya says. According to Abhira, Armaan went to work.

Did anything happen between you and Ruhi? Did Armaan take any action, asks Vidya as she sits down? No, Abhira responds, he was looking after me. Good, your honeymoon didn’t happen, Vidya remarks. Abhira grins as she considers him. Don’t be bashful, Vidya replies; you didn’t tell me what you did when Ruhi visited Mussoorie. According to Abhira, it was a surprise for us.

She also gave us the idea for the bonfire. The next day, I went to her room and found the divorce papers that Ruhi had prepared for us. Vidya is taken aback. Did Ruhi get divorce papers for you and Armaan, she queries. No, replies Abhira. Says Vidya, “Come with me.”

Vidya queries Ruhi’s whereabouts. I’m here, says Ruhi. She descends the steps. Please, doesn’t say anything, said Abhira. Ruhi is slapped by Vidya. Everyone is taken aback.

Summary: Armaan readies Abhira. Abhira explains that something went wrong and that Dadi got in the way of your desire to fall in love—which is the most wonderful sensation. Do you love someone, Ruhi asks? Armaan observes.

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