Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st May 2024 Written Episode Update
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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone is thrilled to see the kids at the beginning of the episode. Abhir says we had a great time. Abhir queries Aarohi and Akshu about their bag retrieval. The guy continues, “We’re going to start some activities soon. Keep these bands on hand. The kids and their parents will compete as well.

The person who wins the most will be the ultimate winner.” Abhir and Ruhi put each other to the test. Manish advises you to stick to your course of action and concentrate on your work before considering marriage till you are financially secure.

We won’t let you leave that quickly, adds Suwarna. Surekha starts to reflect. We have to go for the event, Dadi says. Muskaan approaches Kairav after seeing him at work. What do you think, she asks? He replies, “It’s your life; don’t ask me.” “I’m not into marriage or love.”

He leaves. It’s Neela calling her. Neela says you may concentrate on your work and don’t bother me, however I’m ready to meet that person, tell me when we can meet, Muskaan sobs.

As Surekha explains, the situation altered before I arrived. How are the fairy lights looking, Ruhi inquires. According to Abhi, it’s flawless and lovely. Aarohi grinned. Abhir is teased by the children, who refer to him as a sluggish turtle. They won’t engage in games with Abhir.

He sprints toward Abhir’s direction. Akshu and Abhinav also arrive. Yes, I am a sluggish turtle, admits Abhir. He points to the cut on his chest and adds, “I have a smart mind; one wins by a smart mind; that’s why I got slow. I have another surgery, then I will win the match and make goals.”

Everyone gives a clap. The dad claims that the youngster has never fought and that his explanation was excellent. Say very excellent to my dad, Abhir says; he taught me this. He is hugged by Abhinav. According to Abhir, “My father told me to tell people about my condition; they’re not bad people; people will understand.” Abhinav gives a nod. Abhi considers them.

Manjiri looks through Abhir’s file. She requests that the servant hold the paperwork in Abhir’s room. Shefali and Parth quarrel about Shivansh. Anand encourages them to take a seat and have a peaceful conversation. Mahima replies, “If you want Shivansh, you have to give this marriage another chance.”

Manjiri: You’re endangering her; Parth needs to heal; he shouldn’t have made that decision; Shefali has the right to take priority over Shivansh. They dispute. You’re sad, girl, says Abhir. No, says Ruhi. He insists that we include old photos here.

I know it, says Ruhi. We received the photocopies, says Akshu. Who is he with a cat in the picture, Abhir wonders? I’m Akshu, and Aarohi named it, she explains. “Billa,” Aarohi claims I named it. Akshu jokes. They chuckle.

Ruhi inquires as to the whereabouts of Abhi and Abhinav, who had been cooking for a while. Good luck, the guy replies; we’ll see whose dad can prepare the finest. Abhishek burns his hand. Abhinav looks out for Abhi. He says he’s glad he came.

You are a good chef, according to Abhi. Abhinav claims that while Akshu pampered him, loneliness taught him everything. Thank you for educating Abhir, Abhi says; he’s handled the matter so well. One doesn’t praise a parent for doing his duty, according to Abhinav.

Abhi gives a nod. Abhinav adds, “I have to go, Abhir messaged me, saying he’s very hungry.” Abhi is concerned. Do you want to say anything, Abhinav asks. Do you have any pictures or movies of Abhir’s firsts? Abhir crawled, walked, laughed, and experienced his first Diwali, Holi, and birthday, among other milestones.

Abhi asks. He becomes sentimental. Abhinav grinned. I miss all those times, Abhi says. Could you kindly show me the pictures and videos? Where are Abhi and Abhinav, wonders Akshu? She makes jokes. She claims the branch is weak and the doll may fall. Don’t teach me, says Aarohi; everything is good, including the balance. Look here, Akshu says, and we’ll put things right.

Finally, Aarohi adds, it’s finished. When Abhinav exhibits the pictures, he claims to have gotten his first tooth. With a happy grin, Abhi thanks him. Abhinav sends you a picture that he feels you should have; it’s of Abhir on his first day of life. Abhi grinned. They arrive to see Ruhi and Abhir. Don’t know where they are, says Akshu. We’re here, Abhir adds, and I have the doctor’s marriage photo. Akshu is concerned.

Recap: The duties are played by everybody. We are on the same team, Abhir says, “doc man.” Abhi dashes. Ruhi becomes depressed. Akshu begs Abhi to quit being so crazy. Manjiri arrives.

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