Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th April 2024 Written Episode Update
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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

The children arrive to Armaan and Abhira at the beginning of the episode. Both Aryan and Kiara apologize. That’s OK, Abhira adds, giving them a hug. She begs them to keep their stories about Aryan private. They go to have supper. Dadi is brought to the hall by Kajal and Sanjay.

The lights come on. The song “Yeh Rishta kya kehlata hai” gets everyone dancing. Ruhi notices Armaan. Dadi grabs Abhira’s hand and remarks, “You are celebrating joy here, but you got me defamed.” Everyone, even Abhira, is stunned.

Your rage is understandable, Armaan says—Abhira rescued you today. Dadi shoves Abhira and yells, “No, she’s the reason I went to court, everyone is blaming me, she destroyed all of my hard work,” and “I’m being disparaged on every news channel.”

That repulsive constructor, according to Armaan, would have Dadi claims that your wife is repulsive, has shown animosity, and sided with me to further her career. He advises to give Abhira a chance. She chastises Abhira. Armaan is held by Abhira.

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Ruhi and Madhav attempt to speak. Dadi puts an end to them. Vidya says that everything are now fine. Dadi says nothing will be well until this girl arrives, so I’ve made up my mind, Armaan. I know it’s not your fault; you have to pay for your wife’s error, but she won’t remain here, so you have to take her with you when you leave the home. Everyone is taken aback.

Vidya, Dadi says, get them packed. You’ll pick out a place for them. Abhira sobs and pleads Dadi. Please don’t split this family, don’t separate them; I’ll hold your legs and sit here; punish me, not Armaan and yourself; don’t do this, Armaan will lose everything. Dadi tells to go, and he leaves. Madhav and Vidya weep. Abhira sobs as she sits. She notices Armaan. Dadi receives an armaan.

I explained my choice, she claims. He responds, “I won’t go; I have the right to stay here with you.” She promises you will rescue your wife, but she will start a fire. He claims, “I did that today, but are you doubting my love for the family? I’ve always stood by you.”

Showing her the picture frames, he leads her inside his room. He says, “See my cards, there is only one name, Armaan Poddar, this family is my life. Please don’t separate me and my life, I can’t breathe, don’t snatch the reason for my life, I can’t survive, please change your decision.”

My family gives me a good start to the day and my life, he says. No one can make me rethink my choice, she adds. He adds, “I know you love me a lot, but love can change everything.” He remembers what she said. I know my Dadisa loves me, he says. She cradles him. He notices the sharp scissor behind him. He adds, “Please, stop making me go. You really love me.”

Ruhi and Abhira get there. Okay, you may remain here, but there is a condition, adds Dadi. Ruhi is grasping Abhira’s hand. Dadi says you have to take a test, and you can stay in the home if you pass. What is the test, he asks her? I’m prepared to take any exam, he declares.

What three important items would you preserve in 30 seconds if a home fire broke out, she asks. He displays his legal degree, toffee wrappers, and family photo. He claims that his family is his source of love and pride, that he passed the exam, and that he will probably get one more toffee. No, Dadi replies; you’ve failed. He is taken aback.

Summary: Armaan claims that I was the reason she left the home. Abhira and Ruhi enquire as to his decision. Dadi chastises Kiara. She gives Kiara a smack. When Abhira intervenes, she is smacked.

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