Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21th April 2024 Written Episode Update
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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21th April 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

When the next episode , Vidya slaps Ruhi. Ruhi sobs. What is this manner, Madhav wonders. Vidya replies, “Ruhi, tell me why did you make Armaan and Abhira’s divorce papers. The situation is so bad that I had to raise my hand.” Everyone is taken aback.

When it was your turn, you took the divorce papers for them because you knew that Abhira’s resort had collapsed and you wanted to end their relationship. Tell me, how did you think of this, and answer Vidya. She also asks if you got angry and whether anyone forced you to take the divorce papers there. Saying,

“Maa, I got the divorce papers because,” Ruhi sobs. She remembers what Armaan said. She is asked to speak by Vidya. She says, “Apologize to Ruhi. Tell us why you did this.” Ruhi starts to weep. Ruhi is weeping as Armaan walks by her room. He queries what transpired.

Go ask Abhira, she adds; she exacted vengeance by telling Maa, “I made your divorce papers.” He queries what. Then Maa has, she says. He requests that she drink water. She declines. He adds, “Please have some water. I’ll go talk to Abhira.”

Abhira arrives and tells you all she knows. I thought this situation was resolved, but Armaan tells me you are becoming more and more disrespectful, she’s sobbing already, you informed me about the divorce paperwork, you had to include the family, and you told Maa about it. Ruhi leaves after taunting Abhira.

Armaan walks away too. Abhira sobs. Ruhi receives the package from Vidya. Vidya is stopped by Kajal. We all know how Armaan and Abhira got married; we took our time to accept Abhira, and when happiness entered their lives, Ruhi stopped them.

I want Abhira and Armaan’s relationship to start over tomorrow on Gangaur; I don’t want arguments or complaints, so I made the decision that Ruhi would stay in her Maayka until Gangaur. Vidya says we don’t need to talk, just make a decision.

Ruhi believes that I’m stuck here. Maa, please, Armaan begs. You constantly care about other people, Vidya says. I’m your mother, and I’ll keep you in mind. This is good for Abhira and your relationship, so Ruhi should return home. Ruhi, you made a tremendous mistake.

You need to go on from here, she adds. Dadi returns home. I heard everything, she claims. Vidya inquires as to your choice. Dadi gives Armaan, Abhira, and Ruhi embraces. She remembers what the guy said. She expresses gratitude that everyone is safe.

Ruhi, she says, why did this happen? I thought, Ruhi said, ‘Everyone remains concerned about you and your family because of Abhira. Is there another explanation, Dadi queries. Ruhi indicates “no.” Okay, then you won’t go anyplace, replies Dadi. I know you don’t like Abhira, Vidya says. But you simply like Abhira, Dadi replies.

She offers Ruhi her forgiveness. Ruhi expresses gratitude to her. Where did you go, Vidya asks? Tell us. Dadi replies, “I will go to the temple and light diya. I had mannat that my children come home.” She leaves. Abhira claims that I just forgot to mention it.

Says Ruhi, don’t lie. Talk to Abhira well, Armaan advises. Ruhi disputes. She claims, “I will never forgive you because I got insulted.” Vidya sobs after seeing Rohit in a video. Dadi arrives and carries her. When our children return, Vidya wonders, “Can’t we get the happiness back?” Let’s put our problems aside for the day and enjoy Gangaur as a family.

Abhira sobs and has hiccups. She researches. She receives a glass of water from Armaan. She declines. He feeds her by force. Are you feeling better, he asks. Adha Ishq..plays.. Good night, she says. Ruhi appears. “What are you doing here?”

Vidya says, calling her out. Ruhi adds, “I just came to help; my suitcase won’t open.” Vidya advises asking for assistance from others or servants, but you want Armaan and Abhira’s support, so go collect some clothing from the cabinet; that’s your room and location. When Armaan meets Ruhi in the morning, he signs her.

Abhira observes. Concerning tea, she asks Manisha. Dadi and Vidya arrive and beat plates. Manisha remarks, “It’s unbelievable that they’re together.” They’re still wearing their pajamas, according to Vidya. Dadi says, “Go and get ready quickly; they’re all lazy.”

Armaan gives Vidya and Dadi embraces. Vidya sends the children to prepare. Abhira queries what Gangaur is. Dadi makes jokes. Abhira talks endlessly. Dadi replies, “It’s a beautiful festival. Couples perform Shiv and Parvati puja to receive their blessings. You want to receive blessings for Armaan, so go ahead and get ready.” Abhira grinned. Ruhi is seen by Armaan.

Summary: Armaan readies Abhira. Abhira explains that something went wrong and that Dadi got in the way of your desire to fall in love—which is the most wonderful sensation. Do you love someone, Ruhi asks? Armaan observes.

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