Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21th March 2024 Written Episode Update
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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

In the opening scene of the episode, Dadi says, “I asked you to get three things, and you got four: your marriage certificate and Abhira’s.” She also says, “I know you will always choose your family, but that day you chose Abhira to be your wife, and your life changed that day.” Abhira sobs. She adds, “You have to leave this house. I won’t ask you to leave Abhira because she is your wife and a problem for my family.” As she sees Abhira, she leaves. Armaan wails. Manoj claims that Abhira erred this time.

You opened your eyes, says Sanjay. Says Manisha, Abhira is correct. We have a lot of issues with Abhira, Kajal claims, and we would never want Armaan to leave the home. You are bahu, so you won’t comprehend what I’m saying. Manoj, Sanjay tells you that if Armaan leaves the home, he will leave the company and you will have more cases. I don’t want Armaan’s position, says Krish. Manoj claims to be an eminent lawyer in our business and the son of the house. Sanjay advises considering the future of your offspring.

Charu states that since the regulations are outdated, you want to turn Krish and Aryan become attorneys. Abhira and I wanted to apply for an internship. Sanjay yells at Charu. Manisha says, “Enough already; Charu is right; we need a change; we are blaming Abhira for Dadi’s salvation; Abhira begged Dadi to keep the family from disintegrating; Kajal didn’t do this; I’m not as perceptive as Sanjay, but I have a heart that beats for this family; I wish Sanjay also had it.” Vidya and Madhav observe.

What is Kaveri doing to remove Armaan and Abhira, Manish wonders. Suwarna claims that Ruhi phoned and said, “Armaan and Abhira are an eclipse on Ruhi’s happiness,” and that “I don’t think Kaveri ji is wrong.” Manish asks, “What are you saying? I’ll talk to Kaveri ji. Abhira doesn’t have her mother.” Surekha claims that she requested that we avoid discussing her personal affairs.

Suwarna believes it’s carved in stone and we can’t alter their destiny. You are my Dadisa, Armaan adds, and I won’t just up and go. Dadi bolts upon seeing Armaan. Armaan rushes towards her. She closes the door behind her. He adds, “Please open the door; it’s true that you don’t want me to leave the house.” He weeps and declares, “I’ll smash the door; let me in.”

Dadi moves to let himself in. Abhira calls Armaan out. Dadi comes to a halt. Armaan is stopped by Abhira, who begs, “Please stop or you will get hurt.” It’s okay, Armaan adds, adding that it’s killing him to have to part from Dadi and his family. Everyone observes. I’ll go in and chat to her, Armaan says, and then I’ll go. Everyone halts Armaan. Abhira grasps the hands of Madhav and Vidya. Come with me, she says.

Dadi sheds tears. Armaan is your son, even if Abhira claims you did not give birth to him. Vidya looks at Madhav. Talking to them is Abhira. Because he is your son, she explains, he is really kind. Ruhi requests some water for Armaan. He continues, “I want Dadi, my family. They love me and have accepted me. What will I do without them?” According to Abhira, Dadi begged him to go since no one could accept him. Vidya adds, ‘You’ve injured Dadi, and that’s why this is happening.

It was Abhira, not Armaan, who would have asked me to go. Everyone loves Armaan as much as other kids do, Vidya continues, so stop blaming Maasa for your mistake. Then swear on me and say this, Abhira says. They stop talking. Abhira claims that everyone considers it and reminds him of it as well. He clashes with me and doesn’t respond to anything I say about family; family is important to him, but is he important to all of you? My family is really important to me, Armaan adds.

I know this well, Ruhi continues; you gave up our love for your family. Armaan wails. Sorry, Armaan. I’m not trying to make fun of you. What I’m trying to say is that you have to leave the home because nobody can speak in front of Dadisa. Go and encourage your kid, Abhira advises; he always takes criticism well and helps others; it’s not his fault; Dadi requested him to go; won’t you do the same? Families encourage one another; if you’ve lost to Dadi, speak up. She leaves. Armaan asks, “I feel scared and I’m losing courage. What should I do?”

Dadi says, “I think this is the only way to fix everything.” Ruhi responds, “Relax, listen to me.” Abhira says, “You leave if you want to stay happily with family.” Dadi adds, “I think everything will get fine.” The arguments may end if Abhira departs. Abhira observes. I can’t do this, Vidya says as she approaches. You stated you are a decent Saas, Dadi says. Vidya agrees and pleads, “Please don’t do this.

You are breaking the family when you let Saas out of the house.” Dadi asserts that morals are timeless and that he would never submit to pressure. Vidya warns that a person who doesn’t give in will eventually break, just like our family is disintegrating. Act now while it’s still possible.

Sees his family photo, Armaan. Abhira looks at the blank frame. They remember those times. Ruhi gave you the proper idea, Abhira adds, and if you have to remain with your family, then we have to part ways. I was bewildered, but I’m smart. He gives her a glance.

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