Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22th March 2024 Written Episode Update
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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22st March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abhira says, “Dadi asked you to leave the house because of me,” at the beginning of the episode. I don’t want to speak about this, Armaan adds. I wish to stay in a hostel; you choose your family, stay here, and let me leave. He queries what. She responds, “Don’t worry, momma will understand. Yuvraj is in jail, and you are worried about the promise you made to my mother.” Why are you fighting, he asks.

What else do we have, she asks? You can’t live alone; my mother also died. Don’t worry; I’ll be OK, I promise. “I’m going to sleep,” he says. Will you get any sleep, she asks. What should I do, he queries. Click pictures with me, she continues, and I’ll exhibit your picture and claim I’ve put up with you when someone else enters my life. Who is entering your life, he queries. She replies, “He can come. I’ll tell him.

I got married once. Truth-based relationships can last a lifetime.” Tell the truth when he asks why you want a picture of us. She explains, “I wanted our picture to be there; if I miss you, I’ll see the picture.” He sobs and adds, “You are lucky to have this opportunity; all the girls want to take pictures with me.” Yes, she responds. They have the photos taken. Darmiyaan plays… Abhira breaks down in tears.

Manish asks Abhira to pray. Do a miracle so that Armaan and Abhira stay inside the home, he commands. Ruhi prays, “You have to give my hope back, or your house will never have light.” She continues, “I have always begged you for my loved ones. I was seeing Armaan and living, you can’t see it also.” Armaan notices Abhira dozing off. He hugs her while crying.

I know it would be difficult for you to adapt here, but I can’t see this; my family is important to me—not even me—and I didn’t realize I had to make this difficult choice. Armaan moves. Upon awakening, Abhira declares, “You and I have made up our minds to stop making sacrifices for me. I was only ever a visitor in your life. Does anyone else part with their family for a guest?” She gathers her belongings.

She adds, “I won’t take any chances; you can stay here with your family, and I’ll flee as soon as I get the chance.” When Vidya arrives, she finds Abhira packing her wardrobe. Dadi says to Armaan, “I have made arrangements for your leaving. Vidya refused to do her duty.” It’s morning. Armaan is held by Abhira. Armaan declares, “I’ve made a decision.” Vidya arrives and begs him to stick with his choice. She apologizes, Maasa, and she respects your choice as well. What are you doing, Dadi asks? Vidya adds, “I’m carrying out my motherly duties. I asked for your help yesterday, and I decided to speak up today because Abhira and Armaan won’t leave this house.”

Are you going against me, Dadi asks? Vidya responds, “No, you’ve shown me this way; you’ve taught me to maintain family unity, and I’m following suit.” Dadi inquires, “Are you calling Abhira’s family?” but she is preoccupied with herself. She chastises Abhira. Vidya inquires as to whether you would react the same way if Ruhi had made the same error.

If Aryan and Krish were to get married and their spouses made the same error, would you kick them out of the house? No, you wouldn’t treat them that way since they are your kin. Vidya, Dadi replies, Armaan isn’t your blood. Maa, Armaan says.

Vidya remarks, “But he is your blood, right? Why are you differentiating with your blood?” I remember crying and not wanting to see Armaan when I first saw him. You asked me to accept him, and I did, giving him my mother’s love. It’s my good fortune to have a son like him. She tells Armaan, You didn’t get a nice mother, and I was wrong to say hurtful things about Armaan to Madhav.

Don’t criticize my mother; you are the greatest mother in the world, Armaan adds. Dadi adores the whole family, so Vidya begs him to come visit. According to Dadi, rules and discipline are as important as love. According to Vidya, if discipline goes too far, it turns into injustice. Dadi makes fun of them.

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