Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th April 2024 Written Episode, Written Update
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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 25th April 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

When the episode opens, Abhira is experiencing vertigo. She is held by Armaan. Make her get some rest, Manish commands. Lifting her, Armaan takes her. He requests juice for her. No, you’re having trouble with my fast, she replies. They converse with one another.

You have it, she says. He pauses and remarks, “It dawned on me that I haven’t eaten anything.”She gives a grin. Ruhi arrives and observes. I have to go, he says. He leaves.

She claims that when someone loves you, they worry a lot about you. How are you feeling right now, Ruhi asks? I’m not a patient, Abhira adds. I want to play rock, paper, scissors.I have to make a decision.

If I win, I’ll do as I like; if not, I can’t give you any more details. Fine, replies Ruhi. Playing, Abhira declares, “I won.” She gives a grin. Ruhi gives her a glance. Manoj and Manisha, do you know anything about the 5 crores that someone took from the corporate account?

Perhaps you could celebrate your first victory, adds Sanjay.I mistrust Manisha when she claims you become the head of the new wing. You speak a lot, he says.

Please, Kajal pleads, don’t fight. Though you and Manoj didn’t take it, Armaan used his funds to pay for Abhira’s resort, and Maasa has access to the accounts, Vidya worries that Maasa may have stolen the money.

Why did she need money, asks Madhav? Recalling Armaan’s words, Abhira sobs joyfully. I won the game, she adds. Should I tell him I love him, would he respond with a heartfelt “yes,” or will he turn her down?

When Armaan arrives, he says, “Why are you crying?” She claims, “I’m afraid of losing.”Don’t be scared; you can give it another go. No, she replies; it’s just a one-time thing. It seems to be a major situation, he adds.

She says, “I’m scared and confused.” He makes jokes. He adds, “I hope I’ve helped you,” and you should go on. You kind of helped me, she adds.You do so much for me and my family, he continues, so please come on.

At the ghat are Dev and Charu. They carry out the customs. Abhira arrives and tells you to be terrified of Sanjay and Dadisa because there would be commotion if anybody sees you. According to Dev, fear has no place in love; bravery is required;

without it, even love predestined by destiny cannot succeed. Ruhi observes. Abhira remembers what Madhav said.When Armaan arrives, he replies, “Why are you smiling? I was looking for you.” Love, she says, aaj kal.

She continues, “Remember that these two have fought before.” Armaan claims he doesn’t get it. He goes to answer a phone. She adds, “Love makes a person a poet.I will write I love you on this and give it to him.” Seeing the heart, she grins. She gets a call from Vidya.

After hiding it, Abhira leaves. Ruhi arrives and says, “I’ll do visarjan with Armaan; Dadi will scold him again; Abhira knows that Charu had an affair with her boss.” She notices the scrawled “I love you” and the heart.

Every pair does the aarti. Ruhi arrives and observes.Dadi adds, “I want you to be happy. You may have felt hurt by my words. Once you find love in your life, enjoy each holiday to the fullest.” Ruhi gives a nod.

The idols are submerged in water by the couples. They offer prayers. Abhira falters. She clutches Armaan’s hand.Plays pyaar mil jaye. Ruhi sobs. Are you alright, Armaan asks. Vidya claims that as you are beside her, she will be OK. Let’s pray for one other now, Manish says. Abhira prays with Armaan.

Abhira searches her house for the “I love you stone.” When Ruhi sees it, she wonders, “Why do I have to share my love with everyone all the time? Why did Abhira fall in love with Armaan?What will I do if he accepts her love?” She responds, “No, Armaan doesn’t love her; he loves me.” Giving the tortoise a toy is Armaan.

Not this one, Abhira adds; that stone is the VIP of my life as it’s for you. Ruhi sobs.Summary: Charu arrives home late. Ask Abhira; she was aware of Ruhi’s alleged romance with her employer. Abhira and Armaan quarrel.

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