Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th April 2024 Written Episode Update
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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th April 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abhira and Ruhi are dancing on Jhume ye gori at the beginning of the episode. Suwarna intervenes after spotting Armaan dancing with Ruhi. Charu witnesses all of them dancing. She walks away. Abhira experiences vertigo.

They enter the thandai stall while dancing. You fed us special thandai, correct, Abhira says. The man declines. Ruhi asks, “You want to be a lawyer, Abhira? He’s lying.”

No, Abhira replies, I’d rather go on a global tour. I’ve seen you somewhere, says Ruhi. I noticed you too, Abhira responds. What’s your name? Hey, what’s your name, Ruhi asks. I can’t remember my name, says Abhira. She queries the man’s name knowledge. He says, “I’m not sure.” Ruhi promises to investigate.

Dadi claims that Abhira and Ruhi would be fighting. I have seen them, adds Ruhi. Abhira cracks jokes. Dadi gives Armaan a look.

Ruhi and Armaan laugh and make jokes about everyone’s names. Vidya and Manisha chuckle. Stopping Abhira is Armaan. Armaan says Ruhi. Khadus Maan, says Abhira, is a rude man. You’re mistaken, says Ruhi; he’s Armaan.

After becoming enraged, Abhira gets Ruhi a gujiya. Ruhi stoops. Dadi is given the gujiya by Abhira. Everyone is taken aback. With a giggle, Abhira bids Dadi a merry Diwali.

Dev sits in the café waiting for Charu. She approaches grinning. I contacted her to say something, and he says she seems cheerful, so maybe she I wanted to say something, he says. Will you not wish me holi, she asks.

She applies colors using her fingers. How are you? asks a man who walks up. Dev says, “I’m fine.” The man queries, Did your wife not show up? Charu stops using color.

Abhira is asked to respect Dadi’s boundaries. Everyone makes mistakes, she argues; nobody is flawless. Manisha claims that the thandai maker made the error. According to Vidya, Abhira didn’t intentionally drink it.

Oh, yeah, Dadi replies, she is innocent. Yes, Vidya agrees, she drinks too, just like Ruhi. Dadi claims that although Ruhi is a younger bahu, she has learned from her senior bahu. Ruhi is held by Manish. Vidya states that since Ruhi is older than Abhira, Abhira shouldn’t be reprimanded; instead, you should blame Ruhi. Manish apologizes.

Vidya responds, “No need, why should they apologize? You’re wrong this time.” Stop fighting, Abhira says. You two will get cold. I’ll tell you a dirty secret. Oh, and don’t tell anyone—Armaan and my marriage are just one.

Armaan hugs and holds her. Abhira whispers. Dadi queries what. Sorry, Armaan adds, I’ll give her some food. She says our marriage is still together because of love. He invites Abhira to attend. Ruhi observes. Manisha feels that Armaan distracted us from what Abhira was trying to express.

However, Kiara adds, they are in love. The man says, “You look fit, we should take a cue from you.” Have a good day. Charu chastises Dev. She claims you’ve concealed it, you’re married, and you expressed like me.

Dev requests her attention. She walks away crying. Ruhi is asked to have curd by Suwarna. Ruhi responds, “No, why am I so bad that I can’t get what I want?” No, Manish responds, you are the greatest. I miss Akshara Maasi the most, she exclaims, “No, why does everyone leave me? Poppa, mom, Abhira, everyone left me.”

She considers Akshu. Jalebi is beckoning me, says Abhira. Shut up, Armaan says; you were going to reveal the truth about our marriage. Why did you say you loved me, Abhira asks? I did it to bring your mother, dadi, and Karan-Arjun together. He claims, “I told you that to silence you.”

I want to go tell them the truth, she says. He responds, “No way, you should eat curd instead of sweets.” No, she responds. Yes, he responds. You have to dance and sing, she says. No, he asks, what? She yells. Okay, you’ll get what you want, he says.

Sanjay makes fun of Krish. According to Krish, I sold my bike and enrolled in an arts academy. Dadi and Abhira fight. Abhira is asked to leave Sanjay’s house. I am Armaan, and Abhira is my spouse.

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