Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th April 2024 Written Episode Update
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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th April 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

Fallings by Ruhi and Abhira open the episode. Lord saved us today, Suwarna believes. Ruhi and Abhira wake up this morning hangovers. At the door, Abhira spots Vidya.

To Ruhi comes Dadi. Dadi begs her to keep her distance from Abhira. Vidya adds, “The thandai man got the special thandai; don’t worry, Madhav will scold him; take medication; your headache will be fine.” Ruhi is asked by Dadi to have lemon water. Thanks; I apologize; I won’t do this again, says Ruhi.

Dadi says, “I trust you, not Abhira.” According to Ruhi, Abhira did this on accident. I don’t believe that, Dadi says. Off she goes. What happened, Ruhi remembers. Comes Armaan and says, “Will you also receive my mother’s love?” Absolutely, Abhira answers. You ought to be corrected, he says.

Shout at him, Abhira says. Armaan gets a reprimand from Vidya, who also claims to be suffering from a headache. Arguments between Armaan and Abhira. Stop that, Vidya urges. Always leave room for love; nobody can claim that you are husband and wife. Going is she.

Comes Ruhi and says, “Abhira.” I have a bad headache, Abhira replies. How are you doing? Good, says Ruhi. Says Abhira, “I lied about the marriage. I kept things quiet, he says. Did she tell the truth, she wonders of Ruhi.

Says Ruhi, “No. Better still, he continues, if everyone keeps their truths hidden. How come you want money, Sanjay asks? I want to pay the tuition to study arts, says Krish. Reprimanding him is Sanjay. No money from me, he says. Talking about the Holi celebration, everyone chuckles.

Comes Abhira, who wonders what’s the joke. Manisha quirks. Coming is Armaan. Whirling, Abhira looks up to meet him. Sorry, she says to Dadisa. Armaan is wearing her earrings, she notices. I will, he says.

He should force Abhira to wear it, Vidya begs. No, she will wear it on her own, he adds. Insists she.Makes Abhira put on the earrings by Armaan. Smiles from Vidya and everyone else. Clapping goes on by all. Looking on is Ruhi. For my lovely family, Krish says, I got Rasgulla.

Eaten by Armaan and Abhira. Like it, they do. Why did Krish get candies, Sanjay wonders. I gave up my bike and enrolled at Arts Academy, recalls Krish. Shaken, Sanjay raises his hand. Stopping Sanjay is Armaan. Abhira stops Ruhi. Sanjay becomes really irate.

We shall sit and discuss, Armaan says. Krish won’t study music, Dadi replies, but we are the Poddars, a respectable family. Starting to defend Krish is Abhira. Did I tell you to talk in between, Dadi says, to keep quiet at home? Abhira, enough is enough, says Armaan.

Krish will be studying law in the US, so Dadi asks Sanjay to arrange his tickets. Startled is Krish. Of course, replies Sanjay. Krish walks out furiously.I can’t live in this house, Krish says as it gets dark, so I’m going.

Climbing the gate, he notices it locked. Running away isn’t a solution, says Abhira. Kirsh spots Armaan and Abhira. If you flee now, Armaan warns, you will flee forever. Arriving to watch is Ruhi. Learn to stand your ground and fight, advises Abhira.

I have to do this; I know it will be difficult, says Krish. I’ll help you, Armaan adds, persuade Dadi and Sanjay. Krish claims that nobody is hopeful about me. Krish promises to support you and to have hope in you. We will both support you, says Abhira.

Krish should go to bed, Armaan says. Goes Krish. For you, Armaan says, I lock the gate. You ought to thank me, she says. The snake, she yells. Lifting her in arms is Armaan. Not a snake, he says, but a rope. When did I say snake? Abhira asks. You cannot lie to me, he adds; I know you better than you do. Seeing them, Ruhi sobs.

Put her down, Abhira begs him to. She turns to go out. Why are you backing Abhira, Ruhi asks Armaan, when the argument started because of her. I support my brother, he continues, and Krish’s viewpoint is valid.

Stumbles she does. He tugs her by. A hand of hers brushes his neck. Are you okay, she asks? Absolutely, he answers. Next he leaves. As morning breaks, Kajal sobs and prays for Krish. You have to help him, you have to be his mother, Abhira adds. Try.

Kajal is shouted at by Sanjay when he arrives. Listen once, said Abhira. Tell this female to go from my house, he says. There’s Armaan.As my wife, Abhira is not your property, Armaan says. Dadi presses Armaan to apologise to Sanjay. Armaan begs Sanjay to appologise to Abhira.

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