Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th April 2024 Written Episode Update
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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th April 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

“This girl is my wife,” Armaan declares at the beginning of the episode, “and if you forget this, I will forget your relationship with the family.” Abhira goes with him. Sanjay becomes enraged. She chuckles. He queries what transpired.

She makes fun about his conversation. She claims, “I was trying not to laugh there, but you’ve made me laugh more today.” I’ll boost the blood, he adds. He gives her a tickle. No, it’s enough, she says. Their eyes are locked. Ruhi observes.

Abhira asks, “How did I attack you? You got hurt?” Perhaps you are the violent kind, Armaan adds. I’ll show you violence, she says. Ruhi sobs. Abhira tends to his broken neck. Ruhi is seen by Armaan. Ruhi walks away. Done, you are concerned about Krish, correct? said Abhira.

He continues, “This fight isn’t going to be easy. Dadi is upset. I wish we could find a way to persuade her.” Abhira says, “Pinch me, thanks for such a great idea.” He gives her a pinch. You consented to hear the proposal, she adds. Tell me the concept, he says.

She claims that parents dislike crushing their kids’ dreams because they don’t know if it’s realistic or not, and they worry about whether their kids can make a living or not. She also claims that dancers are respected and frequently invited to perform outside of India; Krish is a dance event, and the college will donate the proceeds to charity if people witness Krish’s dedication to the arts.

It’s a very good concept, he says. Is it you, she wonders; you said so. He grinned. After seeing the family photo, he remarks, “I lost one brother and I don’t want to lose another.” Krish was ready to go. She adds, “Smile now, because together, we will fulfill Krish’s dream.”

What misbehaved Armaan with Sanjay, Dadi asks? Manisha responds, “I’ll tell the truth, but Sanjay started it.” Sanjay yells at Kajal. He is visible to everybody at the entrance. He adds, “You won’t come here again because it’s sinful for you to come here, where I have no respect.”

Dadi motions for him to enter. He replies, “Never, no.” She requests Ruhi’s favorite drink. He adds, “No, we’re not coming here. Armaan insulted me.” Come downstairs, Armaan, Dadi yells. Abhira and Armaan arrive. He is held by Abhira. He gives a nod.

Dadi tells you to apologize to Sanjay and drop at his feet. He is teased by Sanjay. After taking a seat, Armaan touches Sanjay’s feet. He apologizes and folds his hands. Laxmi is Dadi’s daughter; Lord is her son-in-law. Dadi invites Sanjay to come in. Sanjay enters.

Wait, Armaan adds, and apologize to Abhira before you sit down. You also misbehaved with Abhira, so now it’s your time. Sanjay quarrels with fury. According to Armaan, a husband’s duty is to make sure his wife is secure, content, and respected. Don’t expect me to apologize to her, adds Sanjay. According to Armaan, you shouldn’t have any expectations for me either.

Thank you, Maasa, for this insult. I built a home next to yours to make sure Kajal stays with her family. Sanjay replies. He grabs Kajal and walks off. Dadi becomes angry. “Armaan, go get Sanjay back. I won’t allow him to be insulted because of this girl,” she adds. However, Armaan notes, Sanjay had He is held by Abhira. Dadi claims that you’ve turned into her pawn. She chastises him and leaves.

Krish and Charu struck the punching bags. She doesn’t answer Dev’s calls. He asks whether she’ll answer the phone. I’m stressed, he says, and Abhira and Armaan pledged to support. She apologizes, but nobody would accept it, therefore you have to act covertly, they can’t assist you, and you have to tell lies.

Even though Abhira didn’t fight this time, Armaan claims that things are still getting worse. Vidya arrives and tells you to relax. He queries how our family’s relationships become entangled and what he should do. She claims that every home has a unique tale, and large families have more joys and challenges.

The world is hard for girls, he says, even for married men. A husband should support his wife, and when he does, his family calls him a wife’s puppet. Why can’t families trust their sons? If I keep Abhira quiet all the time, she gets upset. A man cannot please everyone.

She adds, “It’s my fault; I should have spoken up for you.” He declines. She continues, “I was also upset when you helped your wife, Abhira, so that your life would be better.” I sense affection in your relationship; pay attention to it. No, he replies; she is solely my duty. Ruhi grinned as she watched. Summary: Abhira sees Ruhi as she arrives to work. What are you doing here, she says. They dispute.

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