Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd April 2024 Written Episode Update
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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd April 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode opens with Akshu sobbing and stating, “I don’t even want Abhi to know that Abhir is his son. Abhir needs us, not Abhi.” Only him, says Abhinav, can rescue Abhir. We are his parents, she claims, and we want to preserve Abhir. If we go there, our family would fall apart, therefore we’re not going there. Abhir orders cold beverages, momos, and pizza. Neela claims you won’t understand. She makes jokes. You won’t receive anything since you’re sick, she adds.

Take this phone and play games. She leaves. He writes to Abhi. Who are you, Abhi wonders. I’m texting from Neela’s phone, Abhir says. How would he know it’s me? I won’t reveal my identity; it’s just fun. Aarohi receives the texts from Abhi. A girl has fallen for you, she says. Someone is joking, says Abhi. She chuckles as she reads the message.

Perhaps it’s an intern, she adds, who’s seen your six-pack abs. Abhi promises to investigate. He gives Abhir a call. Abhir replies, “I’ll answer the phone.” He responds. The number is off, according to Abhi. It’s your secret admirer, says Aarohi. You are viewing too many movies, he says.

Get to work. The phone’s battery is dead, says Abhir. Neela arrives and inquires about the situation. He remains silent. Thank you for scheduling the procedure with Dr. Vyas, says Akshu. The doctor says it’s OK, Abhinav has to sign the paperwork, ask me any questions, and pay the cost in full before the procedure. Without a problem, I’ll pay, says Abhinav.

I’ll examine the bill, Akshu replies. Abhinav finds this shocking. She queries the cost. She says 20 lakhs after checking. Akshu and Abhinav return home. They get the funds from grain bins, savings boxes, and envelopes. She receives the gold jewelry. This is insufficient, she claims.

They sob. I need something from you, she says to Manish over the phone. After taking the phone, Abhinav hangs up. I want to speak to him, she says. We won’t ask him for money, he adds. Why must we spend twenty lakhs for Abhir’s operation, she queries. We won’t do this, says Abhinav.

He adds, “I have told it that I will get the operation fees by morning, and I will get money for Abhir.” They attempt to get ahead by making calls. When Abhir arrives, he says, “What are you doing? You seem to be awake.” Come on, Abhinav says, we’ll go out to sleep.

Abhir lets out a cry. Are you okay? Can you breathe, she asks. He says, “I want food; I’m hungry.” They remember what the doctor said about Abhir’s 12-hour fast before to surgery. Medication won’t function if you consume anything, according to Abhinav.

Says Abhir, I’m not going to sleep. Come on, she adds, you’ll get some sleep. She starts lullabying. “Mum, you sing so well,” remarks Abhir. She gives a nod. Their poor sight is warded off by Abhinav. Abhir nods off. Don’t worry, Abhinav assures you; I’ll collect the money tomorrow. She gives a nod.

Akshu gives Abhir a tilak in the morning. She intends to be resilient. Where are we going, and why are you giving me the tika? he queries. Neela sobs. We must remain in the operation for a few days in order to have your procedure, adds Akshu. He claims the doctor is robbing me, cutting my stomach, causing pain, and asking to be given medication.

No, you could have trouble breathing, but don’t worry, anesthesia will be administered and you won’t be able to tell anything. Are you ready, she says? Yes, you and your father are with me, replies Abhir. Always, she says. She gives him a hug.

Don’t worry, Neela replies; I’ll get the food and other necessities from home. Akshu claims that because Abhinav is not here, we would be late. Abhinav lets out a cry. She calls him. Please wait; here is 1.5 lakhs; begin the procedure; you understand that this is concerning my son’s life. says Akshu. The doctor adds, “Sir, we are guest doctors. We are excited for more.”

She apologizes that your son’s procedure cannot take place today. She looks at Abhir. After receiving Abhir’s message, Abhi responds. Using the phones of Sharma ji and Akshara, he asks, “Is this Abhir?” Please wait five minutes; this is about my son’s life, says Akshu. The doctor advises us to return to Delhi since Sir has an impetigo procedure planned. It’s Abhinav. Just a minute, she says.

Recap: Akshu chastises Abhinav, threatening to murder our kid because of his stubbornness. He sobs. You have two days at the resort, Manjiri explains, and internet and cell phones are not permitted. At the resort, Abhi, Ruhi, and Aarohi had fun. The physician suggests Dr. Abhimanyu Birla. Abhinav and Akshu are taken aback.

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