Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th April 2024 Written Episode Update
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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th April 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ruhi asks for scissors at the beginning of the episode. She’s corrected by Armaan. Vidya leaves. Ruhi apologizes and adds, “I want to be the cause of your healing, not your suffering.” Coming over, Abhira grabs the knotted wire. After figuring things out, she exclaims, “Mumma taught me this.”

You arrive at the visa office tomorrow, Sanjay says. After giving Krish the documents, he leaves. Krish greets Armaan and Abhira at the vehicle. He apologizes. Says Armaan, I should apologize. Krish adds, “I have a selection performance tomorrow, and my dad called me at the visa office.”

Abhira is asked by Armaan what to do next. They dispute. She has a thought. If Krish doesn’t travel to both locations, Sanjay and Dadi will be upset and won’t appreciate his performance, she says. She thinks it’s important to maintain their positive attitude and that balance is key.

Armaan remarks, “Wow, when did you start finding peaceful solutions to problems?” because I gave you a reprimand, she adds. Krish expresses gratitude to them. Abhira chuckles. Krish leaves. On her height, Armaan makes jokes. They dispute.

To ruin his hair, she dashes off. He is afraid of her. He cradles her. She gives him gratitude. He queries why. For standing by me in front of your family, she says. I simply tried, he says. It’s enough, she says.

It’s morning, and Abhira remembers what Sanjay said. Send someone to fetch the supplies for Ram Navami, says Vidya. Manisha responds, “Thanks for reminding; I forgot.” They leave. Manish speaks with Akshu’s photo. On Akshu’s birthday, Suwarna claims, you lock yourself in the room every year.

Manish says that on her birthday, she would be happy with her daughter. That’s correct. She called me that day to tell me about her daughter, but I wouldn’t talk to her. Instead, I called her to find out how she was doing. Abhir came and went, so I didn’t know when we would die.

Who knows who will support Ruhi, Akshara’s daughter, and Abhir? They sob. I’ll get custard for Sanjay and Kajal, adds Abhira. She is stopped by Ruhi. I’ll pause the battle, says Abhira. Ruhi adds, “There’s no need; you get reprimanded constantly; keep quiet and do nothing.” They dispute.

Armaan, your relationship isn’t genuine; he’s your pretend spouse, Ruhi explains. Just follow his lead. I’m doing this because Abhira claims I worry about him. I can’t let you go there, Ruhi adds; Armaan will battle for you once again. Abhira trips and falls.

Ruhi apologizes; that wasn’t what she meant to say. Once angry, Abhira leaves. Krish adds, “I’m going to the visa office and the performance.” By accident, he drops the papers. She gives him curd, Kajal. He gives her a hug. She gives him her blessing. Abhira believes today is my mother’s birthday.

Armaan asks what happened, tell me. He fastens her hair. He believes that if Dadisa wants her children to be happy, she would consent. Are you missing Akshara, he asks. He replies, “I just kept good memories; you do the same.” I wept when I saw Rohit’s movies.

Someone calls him. He leaves. I was going to be joyful on my mother’s birthday, she adds, and he said just what I needed to hear. Sanjay enters Krish’s chamber. He gives Krish a call. He notices the documents. He yells, “Kajal,” out of rage. Kajal arrives.

He queries Krish. He went to the visa center, she says. He claims to have duped you and to have left to go dance. Pulling Armaan’s ears is Abhira. “Leave my ear,” says Armaan. She is stopped by Ruhi. Why do you come to inquire about our problem every time, Abhira wonders.

They dispute. Abhira is asked to descend by Armaan. I’ll record a video and email it to you, she adds. She is asked to leave by Armaan. She leaves. Why did Abhira clutch your ears, Ruhi wonders. Armaan adds, “Will you accompany Abhira to support Krish at his dance performance since I’m unable to attend?”

Summary: Abhira sees Ruhi as she arrives to work. What are you doing here, she says. They dispute.

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