Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th March 2024 Written Episode Update
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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode opens with Abhira and Ruhi collapsing. Suwarna believes that today the Lord rescued us. Ruhi and Abhira wake up in the morning feeling hungover. At the door, Abhira notices Vidya. Ruhi receives Dadi. Don’t become attached to Abhira, Dadi begs of her. Vidya adds, “Don’t worry, Madhav will scold him. Take medicine, and your headache will be fine.” The thandai guy has the unique thandai. Ruhi is asked to sip lemon water by Dadi.

I’m sorry, Ruhi says, and I promise not to do this again. I trust you, Dadi says, not Abhira. Abhira didn’t do this on purpose, according to Ruhi. I don’t believe it, Dadi says. She leaves. Ruhi remembers what went down. When Armaan arrives, he says, “Will you also get my mum’s love?” Yeah, Abhira answers. Everything. He believes you need to get a reprimand. Reprimand him, says Abhira. Vidya tells Armaan she’s got a headache and reprimands him. Abhira and Armaan quarrel.

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Stop that, Vidya urges; nobody can claim that you are husband and wife. You should constantly make time for love. She leaves. Arriving, Ruhi says, “Abhira.” How are you? Abhira asks, “I have a really bad headache.” I’m OK, says Ruhi. I lied about the marriage reality, claims Abhira. I kept it secret, he claims. Did Ruhi tell the truth, she asks? No, says Ruhi.

He feels it’s best if people keep their true selves hidden. Why do you desire money, Sanjay says. Krish says, “I want to pay for my arts education.” He is reprimanded by Sanjay. I won’t give you any money, he says. Everyone laughs and chats about the Holi celebration. Abhira arrives and inquires about the prank. Manisha makes jokes. It’s Armaan.

Abhira looks at him and yells. She apologizes to Dadisa. Her earring is visible on Armaan’s shirt. “I will give it,” he says. He’s asked to force Abhira to wear it by Vidya. No, he replies; she’ll wear it by herself. She is adamant.

Abhira is made to wear the earring by Armaan. Vidya and all of them grinned. Everyone claps. Ruhi observes. According to Krish, I received Rasgulla for my lovely family. Abhira and Armaan accept it and eat. They find it appealing. Krish is asked by Sanjay why he received candy. According to Krish, I sold my bike and enrolled in an arts institution. Sanjay lifts his hand in amazement.

He stops Sanjay, Armaan. Abhira is stopped by Ruhi. Sanjay becomes enraged. We’ll sit and discuss, Armaan says. Dadi claims that Krish won’t study music and that we are a respected family—we are the Poddars. Abhira begins to stand up for Krish.

Dadi says, “Did I ask you to stay quiet at home and talk in between?” Abhira, Armaan says enough. To buy Krish’s tickets to study law in the US, Dadi asks Sanjay. Krish finds this shocking. Sure, replies Sanjay. Krish storms off.

As night falls, Krish declares, “I can’t live in this house; I’m leaving.” He climbs the fence after seeing it is locked. Running away isn’t a solution, according to Abhira. Krish notices Armaan and Abhira. If you flee now, Armaan warns, you will run away forever. Ruhi arrives and observes. Abhira advises learning to fight and have a hard stance. I have no choice, Krish replies; I know this would be difficult.

“Convince Dadi and Sanjay, and I’ll help you,” adds Armaan. Krish claims that nobody can hope for me. Krish responds, “I promise to support you; I have hope from you.” Abhira replies we will both be there for you. Krish is asked to go to bed by Armaan. Krish leaves. I lock the gate because of you, Armaan says. She says it’s alright and you should thank me.

She yells, “Snake!”Armaan gives her a hug. It’s a rope, not a snake, he claims. Abhira: “I was just asking you, when did I say snake?” You can’t lie to me, he adds; I know you better than you do. Upon seeing them, Ruhi sobs. Abhira requests that he set her down.

She walks away. Ruhi asks Armaan, “Why are you supporting Abhira when Abhira caused the fight?” He claims that although Krish’s point of view isn’t incorrect, he is standing with his brother Abhira. She falters. He tugs her.

Her hand lands on his throat. Are you okay, she asks, apologizing. Yes, he responds. He leaves. It’s dawn; Kajal sobs and prays for Krish. Abhira replies, “You have to support him; you’re his mother. Please try.” Sanjay approaches and yells at Kajal. Abhira says, “Hear me out once.” “Ask this girl to leave my house,” he says. They notice Armaan.

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