Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd May 2024 Written Episode Update
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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abhi runs to Abhir at the beginning of the episode. Ruhi states, “I don’t want to do this task; it’s cheating.” Akshu notices Aarohi. Kairav purchases candies. His automobile gets struck by an oncoming vehicle. The man gets into a fight with Kairav.

You should apologize, Kairav says, but you’re acting inappropriately. The man responds, “I won’t apologize. Please call your father and give me some cash.” I won’t give you the money, Kairav says. Please contact your dad. The man walks away.

Abhir suggests planting a tree; don’t you think mangos are great? I like it, let’s go, says Abhi. Together, they sow the mango plant. Aarohi observes. Finally finished, says Abhi. He is asked to look after the plant by Abhir. Will you take on this duty, he asks.

Yes, says Abhi. Abhir requests a commitment. Abhi thinks about Akshu. He need Abhir to hand wash. He claims, “I had made a promise to someone, but I couldn’t keep it. I don’t have the confidence to follow through, but I’ll try.”

Okay, Abhir says, you swear you’ll try. Abhi promises that both of us will do all in our power to care for this plant. Aarohi is concerned. Ruhi wonders, “Where’s Poppy?” and says, “I got hurt.” Abhir describes it as a scrape. Abhir lets out a cry. Abhi rushes at him.

He requests that Aarohi obtain a first aid kit. It’s a tiny wound, she explains. According to Abhi, he has a metal wound that affects his life and requires a tetanus injection since he has a cardiac condition. It’s OK, replies Abhinav.

Says Abhir, I’m not injured. Akshu adds, “I have an extra band-aid that I got for Ruhi.” Abhi looks after Abhir. Akshu assists Ruhi. Ruhi is asked to go finish the assignment by Aarohi. No, Ruhi responds, “I want to be with you two.” Come on, Abhi replies, it’s okay. He is stopped by Aarohi, who explains Ruhi.

She says you now have to take responsibility for Ruhi’s win. Akshu gives a nod. We must finish Abhir’s duty or he would lose, according to Aarohi. You don’t want this, do you? Ruhi is staring at Abhir and Abhi. Akshu and Abhinav attempt to uplift her.

Ruhi adds, “I miss old poppy; she’s my best friend.” Are you pushing Shefali to file for divorce, Mahima queries. Manjiri says I’ll back her in her choice. They dispute. Mahima declares, “I won’t allow Shefali to file for divorce and full custody of Shivansh.”

Manjiri asserts that whereas Shefali is battling for her kid, you are fighting for your son, hence you are wrong and she is right. Mahima asks whether you would have allowed Abhi to escape his kid in this situation.

Bravo to all the teams, the guy says. I shall prevail, says Abhir. According to the guy, Abhir Sharma has won. My youngster has triumphed, says Abhi. Ruhi becomes depressed. Abhir is hugged by Abhi. We ask the winner, Abhir, to come here and pick up the trophy. The guy adds that while the other team child won, Abhi is celebrating as if his own son had.

This is an example of sportsmanship. Abhir is placed on Abhi’s shoulders. The prize goes to Abhir. Ruhi tugs on Abhir’s limb. Ruhi is asked to leave by Abhi and Abhir. The trophy cracks as it descends. I broke my award, Abhir says.

Ruhi shoves Abhir. He is held by Akshu and Abhi. Says Ruhi, “Take me in arms.” As they go to her, Abhi says, “Why did you do this?” Ruhi disputes. She is correct, Akshu replies; nobody should take her position. Ruhi becomes enraged and bemoans Abhi.

Hugging her, Aarohi apologizes and adds, “I’ll talk to Abhi.” She regrets using Ruhi in this relationship. Ruhi is asked to go speak to Poppy by her. I will make up to my Ruhi, says Abhi. Children are sensitive, Akshu adds; Abhi need to comprehend Ruhi;

I ought to speak with him. Says Abhinav, he’ll assume you’re working against Abhir. She claims that Abhir and Ruhi don’t deserve this and that she has lived her whole life with the agony of uncertainty. Fine, speak to him, he says, but watch out. She gives a nod.

Summary: Abhinav queries the perpetrator. I see the mess, Akshu. She thinks, I need to speak to Abhi if Ruhi did this out of anger. When Manjiri arrives, she sees Akshu and Abhi.

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