Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th May 2024 Written Episode Update
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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abhi makes Ruhi a card at the beginning of the episode, stating, “I’m sorry, Poppy hurt you. I’ll make it up to you.” On his phone, he sees Abhir’s pictures. Aarohi explains, “I’m not bad this time; I’m doing this for my daughter. Why is it going wrong?”

She doesn’t know whether Ruhi’s dream would come true or not. The guy adds, “Dr. Abhi, please come and see. Our guest had an allergic reaction.” Abhi leaves. Ruhi wonders, “Where’s Poppy gone? Oh my goodness, he made me a pink butterfly card.

He really loves me.” She views the pictures on Abhir’s phone. He is extremely nasty, she continues; he loves Abhir, not me. Manjiri considers what Ruhi said. Manjiri and Shefali are on their way. She adds, “Don’t worry, you got tense when Ruhi called.”

Manjiri claims, “I should have known that Abhi doesn’t tell anything.” I’m not sure how it impacted Ruhi, adds Akshu. She observes the items destroyed. Who can do this, says Abhinav? It was all OK, the guy claims. When Akshu meets Ruhi, he wonders whether she did this out of rage. We will review the CCTV video, says Abhi. I have destroyed the camp, says Ruhi.

Bad manners, Abhir and the other children will be unhappy, stated Abhi. Ruhi declares, “I want to go home, I hate it.” She leaves. Tell me what happened, Abhi asks. Abhir gives Abhinav a hug. He queries Ruhi’s anger, saying, “I promise I did nothing.” Akshu notices Aarohi.

Muskaan readies himself. Surekha says, “Smile now, come on, why do you look sad? Did you change your mind? Do you want to send the guy’s family back?” The woman claims that your daughter is combative. Did you teach this to the other woman who claims that our kids were unhappy because of her?

Aarohi sobs. It’s easy to point the finger at a mother, says Akshu. Children make mistakes and become stiff. Mothers learn from their children every day. Tell me, which child in the world hasn’t embarrassed their mother? Didn’t you kids make mistakes?

This would happen to you too. The kids will rebel. It’s not a bad upbringing; it’s just growing up, and moms try to handle it. Please don’t punish mothers. Mothers have hard lives. After apologizing, the individuals leave. Abhinav promises to fix this up.

You stood up for a mother, Aarohi argues, but what about Ruhi, who is running away from her father? She leaves. Akshu is concerned. Abhi wants to speak with Ruhi after apologizing. She doesn’t stop being angry. The woman compliments her kid. You are so fortunate, Manish says.

Muskaan arrives and says hello. According to Suwarna, he is Raghav. Muskaan anticipates Kairav. Kairav welcomes the visitors. He notices Raghav. Abhi and Aarohi, according to Manjiri, aren’t responding. You check here, Shefali says, and I’ll look there. Abhir calls Manjiri out after seeing her. Dida, halt. Did you hear me? he asks. She says, “Go see your parents; don’t come near us.

Why am I unclean, he wonders. She sobs and leaves. I’m a little bit of a humne.Akshu and Aarohi sob with fear. Taking Raghav’s phone, Kairav remarks, “You know this would cost fifty thousand rupees.” Yes, so says Raghav. Throwing it aside, Kairav declares, “My car damages cost is the same.”

Everyone observes. You don’t understand it, according to Abhi. Don’t you want to comprehend, says Akshu. Aarohi welcomes Abhinav.

I don’t want to discuss, she says. She bemoans and gripes about Akshu. She claims that after meeting Neil and being pregnant with Ruhi, she felt she had everything. However, she lost Neil because to Akshu, who is a family man.

Now that Ruhi is the only thing she has left, Akshu and her son Abhir have interfered with Ruhi’s happiness, and she is powerless to save her daughter. She sobs. You are forgetting the destiny line that Neil drew, according to Akshu.

I remember this sentence, said Abhi. You only found out about your relationship with Abhir four days ago, but you’ve known Ruhi since she was born, and she wants you to be her papa. What did you do, choosing Abhir over Ruhi? You must realize that Abhinav and I are there for Abhir; without us, there won’t be a storm, but Ruhi’s life will fall apart. Aarohi says,

“I thought my family would be complete after marrying Abhi, but with Akshu’s return, my family is falling apart.” Coin and truth, Abhinav continues, have two sides. Believe me, Akshu never wished you poorly; she really loves you and wants you to be happy.

After explaining Abhi, Akshu says, “You have to stop your madness for Abhir, else our kids will suffer more than us.” You can fix this, decide whether you want Abhir, your blood, or Ruhi, your soul. Ruhi is your responsibility, and Abhir is your son. Ruhi and Aarohi’s lives will be ruined by your adamancy. Everyone is blaming Aarohi’s upbringing. Manjiri puts down the phone. They witness her.

Summary: Akshu and Manjiri quarrel. We can’t wait any longer, she says to Abhinav. Manjiri arrives to the Goenka residence and announces, “I’ve come to bring good news! Abhir is the son of Akshu and Abhi.”

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