Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th May 2024 Written Episode Update
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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

Manjiri sobs as the episode opens. Akshu and Abhi glance at her. Abhi rushes to embrace her. She responds, ‘Abhir is our family, he’s your son.

Yes, he responds. She continues, “You didn’t want to do this marriage because I felt like I had a relationship with him.” Yes, he replies, he is my son and the brother of Shivansh and Ruhi. Abhir arrives. Abhi suggests to ignore everything and just concentrate on your grandchild.

Weeping, Manjiri approaches Abhir. Plays tujhse naraaz. She gives him a hug. She extends her arms and kisses him. Abhir is taken into Abhinav’s arms at his arrival. They walk away. Manjiri begins yelling at Akshu. She claims you have kept our happiness a secret from us.

If you are Abhir’s mother, then his father and Dadi still have legal claim over him. You believed that by naming the kid Abhir, your crimes would be atoned for. She claims that Abhi was against sending Abhir to the US. Akshu, Abhi replies, you cannot take my kid away from me.

Manjiri responds, “You made our joke, you think you won, and you don’t want Abhi to stay happy.” We will chat at home, Abhi adds, since everyone is staring at us. Akshu and Manjiri go away. We also have respect, according to Raghav.

His father apologizes, saying that they came here for Neela and are remaining quiet out of respect for her; otherwise, they would have reported Kairav to the police. They walk away. Manish queries what you did. That man is phony, according to Kairav; he struck my vehicle, attempted to hurt me when I challenged him, and then fled.

He isn’t the appropriate person for Muskaan, and I won’t allow anything bad to happen with him. Muskaan wonders why he is concerned about me. Surekha wonders if he doesn’t want her to get married. Abhinav and Akshu are on their way.

Manjiri can accomplish anything, she claims. She wants to bring her grandson along, he adds. We shall be honest with everyone at home, she promises. Yes, he responds. Aarohi, Manjiri says, did you know this? No, says Aarohi. She believes that I remained mute for Ruhi’s benefit; I apologize to Abhi, but I will continue to do so. Everyone would be asleep, according to Abhinav.

I’ll wake up Manish and inform him, adds Akshu. Neela sobs when she calls him. She queries why insults were directed at the man’s family. He queries what transpired. Neela claims she is unsure of what transpired, but the man’s family was upset, Raghav was offended, and they declined to form this relationship.

Abhinav adds, “You go to sleep now; I’ll take care of everything. I’ll call you tomorrow.” Akshu queries what transpired. Suwarna promises to inform you. Abhir apologizes to Aarohi, saying, “I should have told you. I didn’t want to hide anything, but I want Abhir to get better.”

He has always let you down. Did you put off getting married because of Abhir, she asks? Something makes noise. Mahima is asked about the sound by Abhi. Mahima replies, “Don’t know; Manjiri took the car and reprimanded the driver.”

He wonders whether she visited Goenka’s place. Manjiri visits the Goenka residence. She beats a plate, creating noise. Everyone descends the steps. Akshu and Abhinav clasp hands. Manjiri is asked to check the time by Surekha.

Manjiri is asked what she is doing by Manish. Manjiri claims that I beat the plate to provide good news. Suwarna queries the subject. “I have a grandson,” Manjiri adds. What do you want to say, Manish asks? Say the truth, Manjiri commands. What is it, Manish wonders.

How can you conceal the fact that Abhir is the son of Akshu and Abhi and not Akshu and Abhinav, she queries. Everyone is taken aback.

Manish queries Akshu. Manjiri adds, “I won’t accept this family if you knew about Abhir’s birth.” Family shouldn’t condone falsehoods, she says. They affix a no sign. Manjiri adds, “I came here to take my grandson, and I’ll take him with me. I don’t care if Akshu is cheating on you all.”

Summary: According to Manjiri, Abhinav is equally at fault. She chastises Abhinav. Akshu says enough: we were living as parents, we had no husband and wife relationship, and Abhir is alive now due of Abhinav.

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