Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th May 2024 Written Episode Update
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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

When Abhi and everyone others arrive at the Goenka residence, the episode begins. Manish wonders, “Why did you hide a big thing from us, Akshu? What was our mistake?” He continues, “I always put up a wall to protect you all. Tell the truth, why did you hurt us?

Your secret has made my back weaker and my shoulders lower. If I take another shock, this wall could fall.” Dadi breaks down in tears and exclaims, “Akshu doesn’t know the difference between Sasural and Maayka; you could have told us; why did you hide it from us?

Didn’t you trust us?” We don’t have any answers for Manjiri, adds Suwarna. Manish remarks, “I think we’ve failed; you moved out, got married, and now this—why?” Don’t mention this, advises Akshu. We don’t have any solutions for Manjiri, he says. Kairav pleads,

“Please stop it.” I requested her not to tell anybody when I went to Kasauli, and she informed me. Manish asks, “Just what, we’re not sure.” Abhinav questions if Muskaan told him.

Manish chastises Akshu and Kairav. Manjiri claims that we were duped. She chastises Akshu. She claims that because Abhi is Abhir’s father, he had a right to know and everyone else did too, but it was taken. Kairav replies, “You forgot that day easily, right?

I knew Abhi. You will just say this, remind her what was done to Akshu that day.” Akshu’s rights were also taken that day, according to Kairav. Kairav and Manjiri quarrel. She claims that because of what Akshu done to us, we now desire what is rightfully ours.

She asks Suwarna why they didn’t win Abhir’s affection. Do you suppose anything went well with us, she asks? Will you not disclose anything to Akshu, she begs her father? Shefali, did Akshu do it correctly, she wonders, am I wrong? Calm down, says Aarohi.

Manjiri advises you to confront your sister since what you discover may alter both your and Ruhi’s destiny. He continues, “Abhir should have been with us; is she wrong or not? You didn’t know the truth, Abhi. She stole your rights.” Everything is wrong, he claims, and she is mistaken. Manjiri responds, “No, you’re not the only one who is incorrect; Abhinav Sharma is also incorrect.”

She continues, “Abhinav, you are equally wrong. She used your goodness and did wrong. Why did you support her in this?” Abhi says, “Maa.” Abhinav is questioned by Manjiri: “How could you be such a selfish person? Abhi was your friend, and you lied to him every day.

Was your pain so great that you took someone else’s wife and child? You aren’t good, you are a cheap and disgusting man, and you have stolen a child from his father.” Abhir is someone else’s child and the family’s heir. I had a miscarriage when Neil died;

miscarriage is a small word, but it’s the world’s biggest punishment, that broken heart. Akshu says enough, not a word more, by what right are you blaming him, a woman’s self respect was the reason for this, I will not tolerate this, I will give an answer,

I had courage to tell the truth, can you have courage to hear it, we will start it from the beginning Akshu needed love and support. What did you do? You blamed me for killing Neil, your son kicked me out of his life, signed divorce papers, and walked away.

Even after that, when I found out that Abhir was still alive in my womb, I took Abhi’s name because he had a right to know. I tried to talk to Abhinav and ask him what he did, but he didn’t talk to me or listen to me. You talked about your son’s grief,

but you didn’t consider me, as I had lost both of my babies. Why didn’t you consider me when I needed support? If you had, you would have taken Abhir with me. Manjiri claims that I would have rushed to you if I had known about Abhir. You believe I’m Neil’s killer, Akshu says. Abhinav stole someone’s wife and kid, and Abhir is still alive today because of this vile guy. Would you welcome me and take me home, or grab your grandson?

Summary: According to Akshu, we have lived just like parents; we do not have a husband and wife relationship. Abhi staggers during jogging. He believes that I was injured six years ago and was unable to move. Akshu believes that when I saw a kind individual in front of me, I ought to have stood up.

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