Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th May 2024 Written Episode Update
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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode opens with Akshu stating that Abhinav created a family, provided Abhir with a home and upbringing, and did so without any conditions. He has also given us everything, including his business and house, risking everything for his son.

We don’t have a husband and wife relationship; we are just parents living together. Everyone is taken aback. What is she saying, Dadi asks? Manjiri queries, “What did you do this for? Why did you ruin everyone’s lives by making them live incomplete lives?”

Please respond. When Abhir arrives, he inquires as to why you are fighting and whether it is a dream or reality. Akshu gives Abhinav a sign. He asks, “You see weird dreams? We’re just talking, not fighting.” Abhir receives Manjiri. “My son,” adds Akshu, giving Abhir a hug.

Abhinav adds, “I kept an alarm because Abhir needs to get 10 hours of sleep for his IMP tests tomorrow.” Why, Abhir wonders. Yes, Abhi replies, tests are important; if they are not, surgery may be postponed. Now, let’s go out and sleep. Abhir is taken by Akshu. Manjiri sobs. Sab kuch lagta hai…plays Everyone walks away. Abhi turns to face Abhinav.

Akshu notices Abhir dozing off. She recalls the conflicts while she sits. She sobs. Mahima says, “Colors two, relation one.” Manjiri responds, “Tease me and reprimand me, but be explicit.” Mahima says, “That day, I was fighting for Parth’s rights

You said that a mother has a greater right over her child, Shefali has a greater right over Shivansh, and Akshu is also a mother. What happened now? You have inconsistent standards. I know Parth isn’t a good husband; your son didn’t win husband of the year;

he abandoned Akshu during a difficult time; he is taking Aarohi and Ruhi for granted. You will fight and demonstrate that you can become a good father. I was fighting for Parth’s rights; if I was wrong, then you are wrong today, if you are right, then I was right.

Let’s see who prevails. Crying, Abhinav sits. Akshu appears. Manish and Abhinav are seated. I apologize; I apologize to Akshu for hurting you both. She leaves. Manish is gripping Abhinav’s foot. He is stopped by Abhinav. Manish remarks,

“You have shown great kindness to Akshu and Abhir. What kind of person are you? I am so grateful to you, Jamai sa. People these days abdicate their parental responsibilities toward their children, and you have shown love for someone else’s child.”

No one performs a favor for their own family, according to Abhinav, who describes himself as a humble guy, a driver, and a lonely orphan who eventually found a family in Akshu and Abhir. Weeping, he gives Manish a hug.

Aarohi claims it was my error. Surekha advises you to focus on yourself. I’m thinking about Ruhi, Aarohi adds, and I know she won’t put up with this. She will find out that Abhir is Abhi’s kid. Surekha promises the whole family will figure something out.

Aarohi claims that while Abhi didn’t forget Akshu entirely, Akshu didn’t quite turn into Abhinav, it wasn’t about Abhir, they were unable to go on, and there was no hope for Abhi and my relationship. After hanging up, Surekha calls her relatives. She continues, “Maybe fate wishes to bring Abhi and Akshu together.

Let’s put an end to this.” Everybody chastises her. Surekha says, “Everyone is upset; how will happiness come home? Abhi got engaged to Aarohi only for Ruhi’s sake. Akshu left for six years; why didn’t Abhi marry Aarohi because he doesn’t want to?

Akshu and Abhinav’s relationship is namesake; Akshu has put a brake on her heart; that’s Abhi. Four lives are being ruined; why should they keep the marriage when there is no love? Everyone makes compromises and ruins their lives for the sake of society and family.

As parents, we can see these problems and should take steps to lessen them. These are the facts. If Abhi and Akshu get married, then Abhinav and Aarohi can move on in their lives. Manish starts to reflect. After seeing Akshu, Suwarna gives her a hug. She asserts that you cannot maintain a marriage since Abhinav did not get his due and that a couple has equal rights.

Akshu acknowledges that she married him for Abhir’s benefit. The two of us lived in the same house and became friends, but we became afraid that their relationship may break. Abhir’s condition revealed itself as we attempted to go forward.

There are a lot of obligations in a marriage, Suwarna adds. You tried hard, and I believe you both understand each other well. You are strong, and you can’t back down. She leaves. It’s Abhinav. Akshu apologizes and assures you that she didn’t want to harm you.

He promises never to push our relationship on you, saying he’s sorry the truth about it came to light and that you would have felt uncomfortable. She claims, “I didn’t want to say that, I go crazy when someone puts the blame on me.” I know, he says, but how will I respond if someone asks me questions? He tells himself a lie to fall asleep. She sobs. He observes

Summary: Akshu and Bhi dispute. He threatens to sue, saying, “I’ll take legal action, see you in court now.”

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