Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th April 2024 Written Episode Update
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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th April 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode opens with everyone arriving to the function. Where is your kid, says a guy asking Sanjay. Sanjay claims he had an accident and is unable to attend. The guy invites them to attend. Krish says, “Someone locked me. Please help,” as he taps on the door. Abhira arrives there. She adds, “Krish, please calm down; I’ll help.” Kajal, nothing should go wrong today, says Sanjay.

As Kajal notices the keys, she feels sad for Krish. She remembered shutting the door. Ruhi queries Armaan about the events. Dadisa is phoning me, he says. He leaves. What were you and Abhira intending to do, she asks? I have no idea which key is the correct one, says Abhira. She makes an attempt to unlock. Krish begs her to move quickly. Sanjay pulls back the drapes. Sanjay is regarded by everybody as the legal head. Everyone claps and grins. On Pind Suni Da, Armaan and Abhira dance. This was their plan, Ruhi believes. Dhol is played by Armaan.

Krish enters the stage and starts to dance. Plays Mile Sur mera tumhara. Everyone grinned. Singing and dancing are appropriate for family gatherings, so there’s no need to create drama. Abhira and Armaan visit Krish. Sanjay becomes enraged. Everyone gives a clap. He approaches Krish. After apologizing, Abhira sets some props in front of Sanjay. Sanjay trips over it and falls.

Krish cradles him. Sanjay makes an escape attempt. The whole family is here, Krish performed for you, so don’t do anything that would offend the family, Armaan tells him while holding him. Krish is praised by the crowd. Kajal laughs and sobs. They claim that one day, Krish will do something in this particular area alone to elevate Sanjay’s profile. Dadi affirms that he will pursue a profession in dancing. Krish accepts her gifts. Everyone gives a clap. Dadi remembers what Abhira said.

We hope you will stand by him, they say. She responds, “Yes, of course. He has passion; he sold his bike to gain admission to the dance academy. He is my grandson, and he knows he must leave us to move faster.” He chose to pay his tuition fees without borrowing a single rupee from his family, determined to pursue his dream of becoming a dancer. She’s correct, Krish responds; my family is here with me. Both Abhira and Armaan nod. I don’t want anything else, says Krish.

When Armaan notices the door gone, he queries how. Abhira takes pride in herself. She remarks, “Wow, I had to assist Krish. It was simple to remove the door.” Krish adds, “I have something for you both, and I want to say thank you.” As he hands them the presents, he exclaims, “You’ve given me inspiration and wings.” He forces Armaan to put on the shoes. Yeh Rishta plays. Thanks, Krish, for my favorite shoes for my favorite superhero. He is hugged by Armaan. He leaves. Did he not enjoy the present, Krish inquires. Abhira said he really enjoyed it. She walks away.

When Charu arrives to work, she apologizes. He requests that she drink water. He asks, “You told me about Krish’s stage performance. How did your dad respond?” She claims that Abhira managed dad, and Nanisa was unable to say no to Krish. Dev asks, “What do I get after hiring you as an intern? Abhira did this.” She says, “I get flowers for you,” a lot. Armaan wails. Abhira arrives and notices the shoes. He looks aside. She cradles his face. She gives him comfort. She adds, “Take it; it’s yours; you deserve this love.”

“I can just say thanks to you,” he adds, giving her a hug. It’s OK, she says. Kissing her on the forehead. Plays: Dilon ke mohalle Ruhi is going to spill the cake as she watches. She sobs. Armaan moves. Abhira grinned.

Summary: Abhira says, “I’ll find out who else knows about mumma.”

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