Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th May 2024 Written Episode Update
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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shefali talking to Manjiri. She says Akshu and Abhi didn’t move on all these years, have a son, can’t they become a family. Aarohi looks on shocked. Abhi thinks of Akshu’s words and jogs. His foot twists and he is about to fall.

Akshu comes in front and forwards hand. He sees her. He thinks when love is deep, one stumbles and falls, I couldn’t get up and didn’t know you also couldn’t get up. She thinks I did a mistake, I should have got up, I m now ready to move on with Abhinav.

They leave. Abhir says I have seen a bad dream at night. He tells the dream. Abhinav jokes on octopus. He says you are brave. Akshu looks on and smiles. She wards off their bad sight. Everyone comes. Kairav asks did you think of the future, Manjiri will fight and won’t agree easily.

Abhir says you are talking about me. Akshu says Rohan didn’t come till now, have the prasad. Abhir sees Abhi and says you will do my tests. Abhi says yes, I will do your tests. He hugs Abhir and asks how are you doing today. He asks did you take good rest. Abhir says I have to go to washroom. He goes. Akshu says Rohan was coming.

Abhi says yes, I thought I can also do the tests, I can spend time with my son, I want sign on consent form. Manjiri comes and takes the form from Akshu. He says you here… She says I had to come for my grandson’s tests, you want signatures of a family member, so Abhir’s Dadi can also sign. She signs. Akshu takes the form and cuts Manjiri’s sign.

She signs the form. She says you didn’t listen to it well, so I m repeating it, if life asks me hundred times, I will choose Abhinav as my husband, if anyone has a right on Abhir, then its just Abhinav, he is our son.

Manjiri says he is the heir of Birla family, I will take you to court to make him Abhir Birla. Everyone looks on. Later, Akshu and Abhinav sit tensed. Manish says Manjiri should have not told about court. Kairav says she attacked us and we will defend, we will hire the best lawyer. They argue.

Everyone discusses the matter. Kairav says Abhir won’t go away from Akshu. Surekha says Manjiri is emotional, what will happen if anything happens.

Muskaan says we will talk to Abhi and find a solution. Kairav shouts in anger. Manish and Dadi ask him to stop it. Manjiri cries and prays. She says Abhir is my grandson, I can’t live without him. Akshu checks some law books for custody rules.

Abhinav comes and takes the book. She says I have to study about child custody, they will take Abhir. He says calm down, you were making jam for the first time, you took a big vessel, it looked bigger than you, you said problem becomes big if we make it big, we three will always be together.

Abhir comes and asks what does custody mean, Kairav was talking about it, it is any medicine. Abhinav says its like a mini surgery. Abhir says I pray it happens soon. Akshu thinks no, I will do anything to get my son, I will request Abhi and Manjiri. Abhi hears Manjiri and comes to her. He cries and says this can affect the kids,

I was silent when I knew the truth, I wanted to shout out and tell everyone, but I couldn’t, his surgery is also due, custody cases get ugly, what will Abhir do when his parents get insulted. Abhir comes to Suwarna and says I don’t want to eat anything, Ruhi isn’t answering, she is still angry.

Manish says don’t think so. Abhir says please take me there, I want to meet her. Manish says we are seeing we are doing our work. Abhir says please. Kairav says good boy doesn’t disturb elders, you didn’t do your homework, go. Abhir says I don’t want to eat anything.

Aarohi says don’t talk to Abhir if you don’t want, I won’t call him. Ruhi says you are bad, you don’t listen to me. She goes. Shefali says don’t talk to Ruhi like that, talk to me, I m there. Aarohi asks are you on my side, so you were talking to mum about Akshu and Abhi’s relation, you cheated me and didn’t think of me and Ruhi. Shefali asks her to listen.

Abhi says we are elders, we can ask for rights and identity, kids ask for only love. Manjiri says I didn’t talk about custody in front of Abhir, don’t you trust me, my fight is with Akshu and Abhinav, they kept Abhir away from us, I can never forgive them for this.

Abhi says we all have taken wrong decisions and we are suffering, this time even kids will suffer if we take a wrong decision, don’t get stubborn. She says its my love, I love Abhir a lot, no one can make me away from my grandson, not even you.

Abhi and Akshu argue. He says I will take legal action, you will face me now, see you in court.

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