Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th April 2024 Written Episode Update
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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th April 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode opens with Abhi telling them, “Get ready to say tata to this hospital. I will do your operation and you won’t know it. You will get fine. Tell them you are going home tomorrow and surgery won’t happen until two weeks.” Abhir requests that Abhinav and Akshu remain there. Abhinav continues, “Your mother, I told the same thing.” If the doctor is certain, Akshu says he has no issues, and tomorrow we will return home.

Abhir gives Abhi a hug and praises him. Ruhi yells, “Poppy is really bad. Let him come. I’ll scold him.” Don’t lose your temper, advises Aarohi; patients’ wellbeing comes first. Ruhi replies, “I feel bad for you because we had a cancelled date and you look so pretty.”

She is hugged by Aarohi. She adds, “I’m okay; poppy waits too when I’m busy with surgery,” so please pardon him. Okay, but are you depressed? asks Ruhi. Promise, Aarohi replies, no. She remembers what Surekha said. Ruhi joins her in consuming the dessert. What is the date today, Abhir queries. Abhi remembers what Manjiri said. I apologize, but I have to leave. Eat, said Abhinav, and leave. Let him go, said Akshu, no. We are going to meet tomorrow, says Abhi.

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Ruhi will be waiting, says Abhir. Abhi walks away. We might have asked Abhinav to take some food, he adds. Akshu claims that because it’s Aarohi’s birthday, we should let him be even later. I forgot, says Abhinav. Abhi returns home. Manjiri gives him a fierce look.

He gives her an explanation, saying, “I’m a doctor; I got really busy at work, and I’m not doing anything wrong.” She says you were present because you are Abhir’s doctor, and he will now explain Aarohi. I’ll speak with her before I lose out, he adds. He leaves.

She explains, “I’m disturbed by the issues that arise in between.” Aarohi asks, “My hand cream ran out and I don’t think I should use any more. What should I do?” She receives a hand lotion as a present from Abhi. He apologizes; Ruhi went to bed, I stayed up late, and I went to the cake store to get a candle.

How did you find out this was over, she queries. He continues, “I got this because I thought about what you would need. As doctors, we need hand cream.” She says, “Thank you, it’s perfect.” He urges you to wish. She wishes as she blows out the candle. He belts out the birthday tune. She thanks him and grins.

I told you that we would go out, and you were ready and I didn’t come. Ruhi might be upset, but you explained her to me, so I’m sure it didn’t bother her. I promised you that I would respect you, and I told you that I would show it in actions, but I failed. I won’t lie.

I was at the hospital because Junior’s parents were going to tell him about his heart condition, so I stayed there. I apologize. It’s OK, she says. He adds, “I want another chance. You choose the time and location. We won’t call it a date.

We’re going to a nice restaurant with good food. Please don’t forget this.” She adds, “You asked for another chance, how can I say no? It’s okay, I’ll give you a chance,” Thank you, I’m sorry, and happy birthday, he says. With a kiss, he leaves Ruhi. Applying the hand cream is Aarohi. Manish begs for balloons in the morning. Sorry, Muskaan says, there are just a few remaining.

He wants a flag. It’s ready, says Suwarna. He makes gift-giving requests. Kairav claims that they are presents. Manish requests laddoo. It takes time, adds Dadi. He claims that Abhir, who was agitated in the hospital, is returning after many days. He requests that them not weep. Muskaan is asked not to weep by Kairav. Muskaan claims that Abhir is afraid of dangerous individuals in Udaipur and that he knows me.

He grinned. Doc Man didn’t show up, according to Abhir. Akshu promises to attend. What, a cardiac condition in an unborn child, wonders Abhi. According to Aarohi, it’s a case of twins. We’re worried that the second baby won’t make it either, Mahima adds. Aarohi inquires as to your thoughts. After remembering the past, Abhi leaves. He sobs as he considers Akshu.

Why did I recall all of this, he wonders. You may leave when the nurse hands you the discharge paperwork. Akshu claims that Abhi was absent. The nurse says he is working on a case involving twin newborns and is unsure whether they will be rescued. Akshu remembers her history. She sobs and leaves. She notices Abhi sobbing. Turning, Abhi sees her. It’s Abhinav. Akshu approaches Abhir. After wiping his tears, Abhi leaves.

“Dr. Sandeep, when did you come?” he asks. Sandeep enquires about your wellbeing. Good, says Abhi. I’ve phoned him, Aarohi says, and we need him if he could give us a little time. Sandeep adds, “My family traveled to Gangaur as well. I’ve been in Udaipur for a while.” Abhi appreciates you; you were much needed. Mahima queries, “What should we do? We’ve never seen a situation like this.”

Sandeep adds, “We should do a C section; that baby was a miracle baby.” I had a situation similar to this six years ago. As she combs Abhir’s hair, Akshu remarks, “My miracle baby.” It was a stormy night, according to Sandeep. The mother had already lost a child in an accident, but later learned that one baby had survived. They had a difficult time getting to the hospital, and I refer to that baby as a miracle baby.

It was a complicated case, and the real miracle was his father; I had never seen a father like that. The newborn wanted his mother’s warmth, and although she was unconscious, he forgot everything and held the baby for 72 hours before remembering his name. Abhinav forces Abhir to put on socks. Abhir replies, “Leave for home.” Abhi inquires about the patient’s condition.

Sandeep responds, “Sharma is a common name, but it was a sweet name; I can’t forget those three; they were really courageous.” Akshu and Abhinav return home with Abhir. When Abhir notices the darkness, she inquires, “Did buddy not pay the electricity bill?” The lights come on. They get a beautiful gift. Upon witnessing the decorations, Abhir grins.

Did you like it, Dadi asks? We’re going to have a party and decorate the home every day. Really, Abhir asks. He observes the presents. They’re pampering you, according to Akshu. Kairav and Manish arrive. They move to the tune of Twist. Smiling are Akshu, Abhinav, and Abhir.

Abhi, Aarohi, and Ruhi construct the fort model. My school assignment ought to be the finest, according to Ruhi. Manjiri dispels the evil sight. According to Ruhi, each pillar need to be twined. Recalling Sandeep’s comments, Abhi stands up. The model topples. Alongside Abhir, Abhinav and Akshu also dance. Grinning, they all give Abhir hugs.

Summary: Dadi adds, “I want Akshu and Aarohi to celebrate the festive together because it’s Gangaur tomorrow.” Manjiri says I’ll consider that and get back to you. It’s okay, Abhi responds; let’s go. I don’t want you two to go there, Manjiri says.

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