Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th May 2024 Written Episode Update
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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th May 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abhir arrives to see Ruhi at the beginning of the episode. She is still upset, he claims. He flings a paper airplane at her. She turns to look and checks it. If someone would want to apologize, she says come forward. Abhir fizzes with soap.

Who is hiding there, Ruhi wonders. She remembers Abhi and Abhir when she sees Abhir. Why isn’t she playing, asks Abhir? When Abhi notices the bubbles, she peers out the window. He hurries downstairs upon seeing Abhir. “Ruhi, see Abhir,” he says. Glancing around, he asks, “Am I dreaming?” He rushes outdoors to Abhir after grabbing the soap water stick.

Kairav is the intermediary. In the vehicle, he asks Abhir to sit. Abhir leaves. I have to meet Junior, says Abhi. Kairav claims, “I want to show you something,” and that he came here secretly. Do it once I meet my kid, Abhi says. Kairav provides a few documents.

Abhi makes jokes about it. He looks over the protection orders. He adds that you will be Abhir’s doctor and that you cannot see him without his parents’ consent. He also says that you love him too and that you should consider things through before acting. He walks off. Abhir is seen by Abhi. Manjiri observes.

I’m going to speak to Manjiri, Akshu adds, and I’ll hope that she understands. Gets Abhir home with Kairav. Everyone is anxious. What happened to him, Akshu wonders. He went to Abhi’s place, slept, and said nothing. According to Abhinav, he went to see Abhi.

No, Kairav replies; don’t worry about Manjiri; he went to see Ruhi. “What did you do?” she queries. He continues, “I have prepared a special order; Abhi cannot meet Abhir without your and Abhinav’s permission.” Why did you do that, she asks?

You want Abhi to assert his rights, he says. I was going to speak with Manjiri, she says. He claims they began this because they want to take Abhir away from us. She claims you filed the lawsuit. Calm down, says Abhinav. She adds, “I’ll go take care of things; they’ll give us an answer.”

He says, “I’ll accompany you.” No, she replies; I’ll go by myself. Paper is crushed by Abhi. Manjiri checks after taking it from him. This paper is proof that they don’t want to accept you as Abhir’s father. If you remain silent,

Akshu will say you don’t care and that they are trying to prove that you tried to steal their child. Do you want to lose your child? She adds, “I was afraid for this. They think our silence is our weakness.” What will happen if they take Abhir away? Will you go to Kasaulli every month? Abhi walks away.

He uses the road to run. He halts upon seeing Akshu. It was a misunderstanding, according to Akshu. He promises to provide you a legal notice shortly. Listen to me once, she says. He adds, “I know one handles the legal document in a legal way, so I can’t listen to you now.”

She begs for his attention. He responds, “No, you think you can keep my son away because Goenkas have money, power, and connections? You are wrong; this father will fight for his son, and nobody can keep us apart.” No one is abusing position or money, she claims.

I phoned you six years ago, but you ignored me. He wonders why you didn’t give me a message, saying that it was your fault as well. You could have informed me about the baby right away when I answered the phone, but you chose not to tell me. I’m sorry.

I wanted to tell you, she says. I wasn’t playing Diwali, you were going through a difficult period, you could have sent an email or letter, Rohan, and he wonders who stopped you. After that day, you didn’t contact, but you kept it a secret from me because you were exacting retribution and punishing me. She continues, “Please listen to me; this is your work, not mine.”

He declares, “I’m not a victim; I’ll speak up; I know the truth; fate brought you to Udaipur and me to Kasaulli.” Indeed, you are the center of the universe, she continues. They dispute. He adds, “I want to spend time with my son, hug him, and see him every day.” She claims that a mother may take on the world if she becomes determined.

Summary: Akshu is made fun of by Abhi’s attorney for her income. Akshu chastises Abhi for mocking her lowly rank.

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